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A few phone camera shares


The tomatoes! They are getting ripe now. Thank goodness we moved the garden as they are as big as softballs (some of them). The Romas are very chunky and meaty.

The color is off-these are certainly more red than orangish yellow.
Sean and I were driving around the other end of the county and found a Big Lots tonight! I happen to find some Crocs for only $15 and they are comfy!

This was Cosmo wanting to get up on my lap-nothing new!

I got the voucher info for the Beatlemania trip and I had to call the hotel to make arrangements. I could pick any day I wanted, so I picked a Saturday! Sean can come! He may not hear any of the bands, but how can you not even if you were standing near the gate? We can take turns anyway. He may take the Metro to DC or he could certainly go to Alexandria. The hotel looks like it has enough to it to keep anyone busy. Can’t wait!
Tip from Pinterest ‘pinner’-when you get strawberries, add them to diluted vinegar (white or apple) and you can rinse them or not. Suppose to get the bacteria off them and make them last longer. I’m trying it, but I’m also making some strawberry pops today.

Still blah


I spoke too soon as I did get a fever in the early evening-about 100. So far today, it’s in the normal range, but if I do too much or think about food, I get nauseated. I’m eating here and there, and laying down. This virus seems to affect what bugs you when you are feeling ok-like my back, joints and tummy haven’t felt good. One good thing-I got my Dell
* laptop today! It’s awesome! It’s fast enough for me. I just need to figure out where I go to get Windows 7 on it.

Feeling a little blah


Woke up super early with wide range aches and pains, but no fever. Tylenol is taking the edge off, but I think I have some virus as I’m feeling a little nauseous, though I can eat. Go figure. I feel 90 when I’m almost 50. Brian came home from work for lunch and just felt worn out, so he stayed put. He did yard work over the weekend and I was working at mom’s and overdoing bending and lifting, etc. The tummy was off on Thursday. I took a little walk around the yard today and picked some arugula and lettuce. Shouldn’t have been leaning over. I think a nap sounds like a good idea!
We are having a contractor come and give us an estimate for a much needed basement door tonight. We have those metal doors that open outside, but this is for the door at the bottom of the steps. Since the metal doors could be replaced too, all this air is coming in during the wintertime and our master bedroom is right above that and I freeze now. Hope we can get a good price. Used an website called (but don’t quote me) Service* master. They found 3 guys in the area. One sounded familiar and we are pretty sure he messed up something in the house years ago-electrical in the family room, and had to be redone-pass on him. Wish us luck!