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Feeling a little blah


Woke up super early with wide range aches and pains, but no fever. Tylenol is taking the edge off, but I think I have some virus as I’m feeling a little nauseous, though I can eat. Go figure. I feel 90 when I’m almost 50. Brian came home from work for lunch and just felt worn out, so he stayed put. He did yard work over the weekend and I was working at mom’s and overdoing bending and lifting, etc. The tummy was off on Thursday. I took a little walk around the yard today and picked some arugula and lettuce. Shouldn’t have been leaning over. I think a nap sounds like a good idea!
We are having a contractor come and give us an estimate for a much needed basement door tonight. We have those metal doors that open outside, but this is for the door at the bottom of the steps. Since the metal doors could be replaced too, all this air is coming in during the wintertime and our master bedroom is right above that and I freeze now. Hope we can get a good price. Used an website called (but don’t quote me) Service* master. They found 3 guys in the area. One sounded familiar and we are pretty sure he messed up something in the house years ago-electrical in the family room, and had to be redone-pass on him. Wish us luck!