I can see clearly…


…now that my eyes are undilated! It took a good 5+ hours for my ‘cat in the dark’ pupils to go back to normal. But I am happy to report that the new eye doctor didn’t think I needed new specs. She even had the stylus right at that office to measure the thickness of my corneas again. If you recall I had to go to another office for that with the specialist doc. The corneas are still thick which makes the pressure in my eyes seems higher than it is. The doctor was probably a bit younger than me, but I enjoyed chatting with her. I asked her about my mom and she says mom’s left eye will probably ‘take over’ for the right, but of course with driving, there is going to be something missing.
Brian and I went out to dinner tonight to Apple*bees. It was good, not as good as a few weeks ago and rather noisy. I just needed a break. All the lights on the way there were like stars from the dilation. Ugh. Have a little eyestrain right now.
Tomorrow Sean takes the test for the census job. He could probably work something out between doing that and working at Wally*World since it’s only PT.
I saw an article in Woman’s*World about making extra money and I followed a link to Cha*Cha.com to be like a human search engine. People call or text in a question (or comment) and I’d be like the middle woman and screen the questions to see if they can be answered or passed on to the specialist (they have a previously asked questions data base and a section for jokes,etc). I viewed the training videos and took some quizzes (call me ‘Ms. 80%’). I just need to take the readiness test. You get one shot and that’s it. I didn’t feel like doing it last night (info overload) or today. I’d like to review some of the videos again since I was asking myself questions in my head and couldn’t figure out what to do-not good. It’s one of those places where you have to just use the site and get comfortable with it. The pay doesn’t look that great, but it does looks like it would be fun to see what kind of questions people ask. Of course they want to know crude things and they say you have to be discreet about what is moral and all. There are a few other places I will look at too. I needed a change, this may be it.
And how could I forget this awesome news-my friend Lorin is treating me to a ticket to see James Taylor and Carole King in June! She asked if I wanted to go! Of course yours truly fretted about it as Lorin can’t drive at night and I’ve never driven to the Wachovia*Center outside of Philly. Also, Lorin lives a distance from me. I wrote her a note of concern and she said her son would drive us! Woo! I said I could be waiting like 20 minutes from the center (that’s about how far a certain mall is). We’ll work it out. This will be the 5th time I will see JT (1979, 1982, 1997 and 2006). We are planning on making t-shirts (well she is as she’s an artist) and trying our darnedest to meet him! : ) What a treat it will be.

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  1. I had the same experience with the dilation. a f ew weeks ago. I was driving home in the dark and those headlights were like huge stars. It’s a good thing I did not have to drive far because it was really starting to bother me. That was the first time I had those eye drops put in.

    Glad ot hear you don’t need new glasses. That’s a big savings, even if you have insurance.

  2. No doubt you’re glad to have your eye exam done and over with and great news that you don’t need new glasses. I remember having my eyes dilated like that, no fun! lol

    It’s also great news to hear that Sean will be working at WalMart and as you say, no doubt he’d be able to fit in also doing the Census job.

    If you end up doing the human search engine job, let us know what you think of it! As you say, it could be very interesting to learn what people ask about! lol

    Woohoo, I’m so excited for you that you’ll be going to see James in concert again!! Like you, I don’t like driving at night, especially if it’s a ways away. Good thing her son will be driving:-) xoxo

  3. Hey Dianne! Just a brief check-in (I still don’t have regular access to a computer, grrr). Things are going great, and it’s wonderful to be home. I hope your New Year is off to a good & healthy start!!!

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