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Violets, stitching and cards


Since it’s so wet and wild outside, I decided to clean my bay window that holds my African Violets. I had an entire plastic bag of dead leaves and flowers. I really need to repot and give some away. Anyone want a few? My mom got me the same violet variety three times that she went to the Philly Flower show as I wanted something different. It’s has white and green leaves and the white flowers have a touch of green in them-shown in both corners of the photo.
Here’s my cleaned up window:
Cleaning this was a job and a half and I shouldn’t have done it as I have a ouchie and didn’t go to mom’s to help her. I probably will venture to mom’s on Thursday.
And here’s my herb garden bouquet cross stitched piece that is the only piece I’ve been working on lately. I think I like completing one and moving on to another. Not much left to do:
I’m hoping, really hoping to make this a crafty summer so I can put up things to sell online. I need to narrow down my choices and buy what I need to make the things. I just need to get the gardening out of the way.
One for the road…I do weekly Art Trading Card/Skinny challenges on Flickr. Our challenge this week was to do a card based on the song ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’-yikes! This is what I came up with and I think he’s cute as a cowpoke!


2008 in a nutshell by Dianne


Want to play along? Kelli over at ‘There is no place like home’  is hosting a meme. You take your first blog sentence for each month of 2008 and add a favorite photo from that month too. Be aware that most of my ‘first’ sentences have nothing to do with the photos. :O)

That’s my life for the last few days.(I had been sick and so had Brian)
Yellow roses

Let’s start off February with a fun event thanks to Lisa/Oceandreamer’s 2nd time around hosting it.(One World, One Heart blog giveaways)
Punch needle design
This is my mom’s birthday last year and my youngest brother is giving her the cupcakes that I made to blow out the candles.(for a Photo Hunt)
Purple and yellow orchids
It’s 70 degrees outside!!! I’m inside and wearing a sweater though.

Thanks to Scrappy Jessi for hosting this fun event.(showing our childhood toys)

Like I did last night!

I really did see a camel! (a place on our road had several exotic pets or boarders)

Strasberg, PA 7-30-08, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Today I’m sharing my baby book.

I can’t believe it’s September already!

….the cataracts are gone! Well, that may be so for my mom in a few hours.(My mom had both her eyes done, and one got an infection, so she had to have a third operation!)

Celebrating after 28 yrs!, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

This is from the Philadelphia Flower Show 2006.(We try to go every year since I am so snap happy)

I just realized that I was pretty much on the go for over a week, since my birthday on the 19th.

A bit zonked


I just realized that I was pretty much on the go for over a week, since my birthday on the 19th. Our house is much quieter now since Sean is back in State College again. We figure he has 5 more trips up and back before he graduates. That’s if he doesn’t stay up there and work-he had to lease his place for a year-which is until next August. We do miss him like crazy-what can I say, I lucked out and enjoy being around him.

We tried to eat chicken fingers for dinner, too much like turkey! We had turkey Reubens for lunch-the sammie you usually make with corned beef-Swiss cheese, cole slaw and Thousand Island. Friday I had made ‘Bobbies’ like a local hoagie place is famous for-turkey, stuffing, whole cranberry sauce and mayo. Both very good, but I am all turkey-ed out.
Many blogger pals, and even cousins at the wedding last night have decorated their homes already. I still think it’s a little early for me, plus I need to take Autumn stuff down. I may start with a festive wreath to replace Mister Turkey wreath who is still hanging up! It was really too lousy of a day here to do anything outside.
I’ve been having fun trading ‘skinny cards’, which are 3″ x 5″ with artists on a Flickr group. I have had American lady swappers, but I’ve also traded with two Finnish ladies. Almost everyone sends me papers, stickers or ribbons too and I learned to send some to them too. I’ve always loved getting mail, so this is great. What’s also neat is someone who looks at my skinnies or ATCs in my photos and asks if they can trade with me just because they like what I’ve made.
Here’s the latest one I am sending to Tarja in Finland:
Peace on Earth Skinny Vaihto

Another paper artist friend shared this little girl image and many others with us on Flickr.

I need to work on my Christmas card this week. I have a great idea in mind and hope it turns out. I then will get color copies made into cards so I don’t use all my printer’s ink. I did this last year, but didn’t make a stand-up card-I will try to this year.

Have a great cyber Monday. I may  browse around a bit on Amazon for Sean’s gifts.
Update-About 15 minutes after I wrote this I picked the cat up to put him down the basement and aggravated a muscle pull that I somehow had gotten, I think on Friday. Well I tried to go to sleep and it was bugging me as it was in the chest area. I had Bri awake too. Finally I put my bra on under my nightie and stuffed it with tissue where it was aching (stop laughing) and it helped! I was thinking the worst for myself. Having Lyme Disease means it’s so easy to get aches and pains. Now I have an ache on the left side, so I guess it moved. I guess so much being on my feet lately did me in. I did toss some laundry in though. I want to decorate!


A little share


I’m in a Flickr group called ‘Skinny cards’-they are 3″x 5″. Each week we do a card based on a theme. This week it is ‘Wild’.

Here’s what I made last night-mostly all stickers! The background is torn homemade paper that I mod-podged down:


We have the option of trading, which I love to do too! I have such a big collection of art cards (of all sizes), it’s nice to trade and I have other artist’s work. The joy to me is in the creating.

Thanks for the suggestions about the wedding gift. I think a gift card is a great idea. I think I’ll make the wedding card at least for something personal.

I’m doing a tremendous paper sort. This huge plastic bag use to be in front of my closet and kept getting fuller and fuller. I moved it into the living room so it bugs me enough that I do something about it. I use to be so good at filing old receipts. It’s sure not fun!

Halloweens from the past


I’ve been wanting to scan and group these for ages! I could find most of Sean’s Halloween costume photos except for when he was a Sorcerer (made from my graduation gown) and Inspector Gadget(I know I just saw that somewhere). Almost forgot him in his Pizza costume!

Sean was in Kindergarten in the first shot. I used a gold t-shirt of mine for his tunic and made the collar from green felt. I think the hat, etc were in a package to buy, but I added a nicer pheasant feather to the cap. The next shot is also Kindergarten (he was in a two year program). The third photo is preschool. I added the fancy feathers to the helmet. He roasted in the sweat jacket while running around and playing in the classroom. The last shot he was two and a Magician. He also had a hat with a bunny in it and a cape with a red lining.

Sean in his Halloween disguises

Since Titanic was big around this time, he was a sailor. That was my grandmom’s beret that I added a band to. He is holding a little life preserver- for a cat, don’t you think? I think that’s 6th grade. The skeleton bones were the white vinyl Contact paper stuff. He’s wearing a bowler with a skeleton ribbon. It poured rain that year and the bones started to unpeel. I believe this is 2nd grade. In the next photo he is the Phantom of the Opera-5th grade. And then he was Mickey Mouse when he was 3. The shoes were mail order, but I did the pants up and added his mouse ears from Disney World to a black knit hat. He was even in a parade in my hometown that year.

One year old Sean and pal:
Sean as a Pumpkin
Sean at 9 as a Pizza! I made this from scratch. I was hoping my niece would wear it, but she has her heart on being a hippie. The box is from Piz*za Hut and I added lights to it. It looked neat in the dark.
Halloween 95

All in a row


All in a row, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I recently purchased about 11 pounds of ephemera from an ebay seller. Don’t worry, I am not saving it all, but going through it and scanning photos and other ephemera for my art projects. Feel free to go take a look on Flickr if you would like to have some vintage goodies to work with.
Good luck to the people in the New Orleans region. It sounds like they are better prepared this time. Thinking about my old friends A&M.

Atlantic City & attractions 2008


Here’s a mosaic from our trip-view the large one at the above link or go to the slideshow of the set here. Unfortunately, some of the photos were cut off a bit. Sunday-we basically just stayed around the hotel and went to the mall for dinner. Monday we went to the beach after having the hotel’s breakfast buffet. While we were on the beach, we heard the roar of planes coming very close, almost like one was going to crash in the ocean! Here is was the USAF Thunderbirds flying team practicing for their show today. It was neat at first, but after 45 minutes, it was a bit loud. That night we went to the outlet shops near by and bought a few clothes items (that’s basically all there was). Sean bought me a candle as he was getting a bit short with me about things. I couldn’t help it if ‘Aunt Flo’ decided to visit me during the trip. To prove that I could do it, I climbed the Absecon lighthouse as described below-ouch! The front of my thighs are complaining! After we left there, we headed to Margate where Lucy the Elephant is located. It’s over 100 years and a mascot for the area. You can go up in her, but I just couldn’t do the climbing again. We found a excellent deli (Downbeach) and we all loved what we had-mom said it was the best pastrami she has had for a long time. We decided to stop at Smithville, a quaint little shopping area on the way home. We hadn’t been there for a while, and it doesn’t change much. I bought a tiny hummingbird feeder from a store that sold all bird related things (that’s what they basically were-all Ireland, all angels, etc). to put in the window where my craft table is.

I haven’t felt that tired for a long time when we got home and it took me a few hours to fall asleep, but I stayed asleep for a solid 4-5 hours which is good for me. Mom or I haven’t done that kind of walking for ages. I’m really happy that she did so well in that aspect. Sleeping there was another story.

Oh, and Cosmo was glad to see us and not too stand-offish. He seems really tired, I guess he was pining after me!

The Flickr game on Flickr


The Flickr game on Flickr, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Carole/Pea over at Pea’s Corner did a similar game. Here’s the one I did a few weeks ago
You know the Game, don’t you? Here’s what you do:

a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
b. Using only the first page, pick an image.
c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd’s mosaic maker.

1. What is your first name?-Dianne
2. What is your favorite food?-chocolate
3. What high school did you go to?-Penncrest
4. What is your favorite color?-teal
5. Who is your celebrity crush?-Tim Daly
6. Favorite drink?-iced tea
7. Dream vacation?-Hawaii
8. Favorite dessert?-Brownie Sundae
9. What you want to be when you grow up?-a grandmom
10. What do you love most in life? Nature
11. One Word to describe you. Nuturing
12. Your flickr name -Dianthus_Moon

You can see the photo credits by clicking the above collage which takes you to my flickr page.