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I’m in a Flickr group called ‘Skinny cards’-they are 3″x 5″. Each week we do a card based on a theme. This week it is ‘Wild’.

Here’s what I made last night-mostly all stickers! The background is torn homemade paper that I mod-podged down:


We have the option of trading, which I love to do too! I have such a big collection of art cards (of all sizes), it’s nice to trade and I have other artist’s work. The joy to me is in the creating.

Thanks for the suggestions about the wedding gift. I think a gift card is a great idea. I think I’ll make the wedding card at least for something personal.

I’m doing a tremendous paper sort. This huge plastic bag use to be in front of my closet and kept getting fuller and fuller. I moved it into the living room so it bugs me enough that I do something about it. I use to be so good at filing old receipts. It’s sure not fun!

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  1. That card is truly beautiful, dear Dianne. You have such a creative flair that impresses me no end:-) I tend to let my receipts pile up and like you, end up with a big bag full to go through. Hopefully you were able to get it done? xoxo

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