A new stitcher in the family?



I got up to use the computer, and Cosmo scooted over to where I had been sitting and stitching. Brian thought he looked cute and I suggested he put my stitching near Cosmo’s paws. These are cute shots and they gave us a good laugh.
I’m going to the GI doc with Bri later in the afternoon. Our time schedules are really off and we both are a little light-headed today. Whoa!
I enjoyed the finale of ‘Life on Mars’ last night seeing that Sam Tyler was really from the ‘far’ future in a spaceship that was about to land on Mars. Didn’t see that coming-but the name of the show should have been a hint. I enjoyed seeing his ‘dream’ about living in 1973. Too bad it was canceled. I do like the show ‘Cupid’. Jennifer said it had been on before, somehow I missed the first time around.

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