Calming activity


I woke up with a terrible ‘storm’ in my sinuses. I knew I was probably in for a few hours of torture, and I was correct. It’s almost 3 pm and I just sneezed for the first time today. It’s my fault. We pulled out three pieces of furniture in the family room yesterday (oy vay) so I could pick up coins, scissors, needles and assorted things before the rug got a thorough vacuum. Me without my dust mask. I should have know better. But at least I have my beloved Gingher scissors back!

We went to church last night as we usually do, and I noticed a familiar face a few rows up from me (when she turned to the side). Here it was a lady I graduated from high school with! I hadn’t seen her in at least 20 years, but I know that she lives in the next town over, but I’ve never seen her anywhere! She was with her brother (I’m assuming) and his family and they go to church there all the time. She was with a guy about her age. Wonder if she’s tying the knot? I know she never has. Interesting. We didn’t speak as Bri and I leave most times after Communion. How do you feel about someone using Purell right after you shake hands during mass? I smelled the stuff and it was the lady behind me! I would never do that.

~Update-after doing a wee search on Google, found out the lady above just lost her father who was from the same town as my mom! So I called my mom and she believes she remembers the man from high school as being popular in shows! Small world. Both the lady and her brother do reside in the next town.

So my calming activity-paper crafts. I think making my clipboard collage (will show) and my little ATCs, really relaxes me. Cosmo the kitty tries to help to, but I know his fur bothers me. He cuddles up on my lap several times a day. Checking out Sean’s paper about polar ice, etc. didn’t do anything for me, just make me tense. My boy is smart, but not a writer. He’s technical minded like his Uncle Dave.

My next door neighbor is cutting down two huge trees. He will have no shade in the side next to us anymore. He is getting help, but he’s my mom’s age, late 70s, so he better watch himself. Probably healthier than a mule!

Clipboard collage
Clipboard collage I painted the moon graphics with this awesome shimmery watercolor paint from ‘Five Below’ which was $1 (same as the clipboard-$1)

Never grow old ATC
Never grow old ATC

Sailor Boy ATC

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  1. I think a lot of people are skittish about shaking hands during mass. I don’t like doing it myself. It’s especially unhealthy now with the flu bug running rampant, so I guess I understand the woman using hand sanitizer. I am sure it was nothing personal.

    Will you have more sunlight when your neighbor cuts down those trees? It can be amazing how removing just one tree changes your garden climate.

  2. More very nice ATCs, Dianne!

    I tried to send you an email this weekend, but comcast just hates me and bounced it back again. I absolutely love the flatfold you made us! I posted about it this weekend. Thank you so much for such a lovely, meaningful gift!!!

  3. Hi Dianne!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. And yes you are right the CEO of Ebay is Meg Whitman and she’s been there for the past 10 years. I can’t believe with the economy in such a down turn that they would jack up the percentage they take. Rather than encourage people to sell, it’s going to deter such selling. Corporate greed at its best.
    Your clip board is cool! I like all of the elements you incorporated into it.

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