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Photo Hunt-Furry


My brother rescued this furry little guy a few weeks ago to give to our mom. His name is Kelsey (this is a bit photoshopped to fix his eyes and make it more interesting) and he’s about 2.5 months old and a terrier mix. Today I saw him chase his tail!
I hope he gets trained better as I also stepped in a few ‘mistakes’. I was down to take my mom to the doctor as she had a sore throat which turned out to be thrush-yeck!



Zoey, over at Perennial Passion inspired me to recheck my statcounter which was still associated with blogspot. I changed it to this one. Not sure if it will work correctly, but I also went to the ‘recent keyword activity’ page….so weird- Google search
Why would some people look up some of that stuff? I mentioned that I once used a Cheryl Ladd exercise mat where you put on booties and slide back and forth. I had to chuckle about the yard long bean search. I don’t think Carter Oosterhouse is gay, but mentioned about being friends with gay guys maybe? Who knows.

At least I was the top two searches for this one:


And just because this is so darn cute and a real photo:

After these little guys are rescued from oil spills, the volunteers put these little sweaters on them to keep them warm and to up their survival rate. I want to snuggle with them, don’t you?

There’s even a song for the penguins in sweaters!

Here’s a paint shop pro challenge I did, it’s clickable:

Penguin beach party