I’d rather look at scenery


Made a blunder today-but I ‘really’ think the receptionist did as I wrote down the 22nd on my laptop post-it note. I was seeing a doctor for a consultation who is past my hometown, so a good 45-50 minute drive. We got there a bit early and I was suppose to be there yesterday. Why on earth they don’t have an reminder service like the dentists do, I don’t get it. Anyway, after my red, embarrassed cheeks toned down, I let the woman copy all 14 pages of my blood work and a few things from the web. I made another appointment, but her remark about probably needing another 2 grand of tests (she’s got to be wrong as I had some specialized tests done already), I decided to hold off until May when my insurance won’t call everything a pre-existing condition.

We stopped at a local mall for lunch. First I told my hurried hubby to stop near a cache we tried at night. He looked first. I can’t even imagine what people are thinking as they whizzed by when people are looking around a pine tree. He didn’t see it-again! No way! I got out of the car then and the hint said it was on the left of a tree and I picked up some pine cones as a decoy maneuver-lol. I spotted the purple bison tube right away-yay!

We had salad and pizza at Carrabba’s-I saved half for my mom as we were going to drop by briefly to see her.

I asked Brian to stop by a neighboring park, just for a quick look, and the GPS was bouncy. We didn’t find the cache, but I did take this neat photo:


We dropped by my mom’s and I shared my lunch with her.

Home just in time for the hubby to make his shift! Whew!

My pal Carole introduced me to a new GPS scavenger hunt called Munzee. I have one right here if you want to join and scan it. There aren’t too many around here yet, but I bet there will be soon!

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