Pedaling to turn over a new leaf


We went to pick up my recumbent exercise bike (it’s a semi-recumbent-alright already) the other day at a Delaware Wally World. Sean had it delivered there to save shipping. I got this awesome shot in the parking lot with the ‘heart’ cloud.


So my new acquisition is all assembled and I gave it a spin already! I think if I take it slow, I will benefit from it.

Brian took me to the supermarket up near Lancaster this afternoon where we’ve been getting wonderful sales after deciding to check it out there a few months back. We stopped first for a cache grab in an old cemetery. It was about 20 feet off telling us it was near a tree instead of the shrubs it was in. Among all the old, old stones was a beautiful one from a few years ago. It was a heart shape with a couple walking in the woods etched into it along with a photo of the couple. The man had passed away.

This is looking from the front  to the back.


the cache


I am enjoying my time at the preschool when I am there the one day a week.  The children are getting comfortable enough with me to give me little hugs or bumps. You know how 3-4 yrs olds act.  I try to bring them a little something each time I go. They got personalized paper bookmarks today thanks to a link I found on Pinterest.

Next week is the Philadelphia Flower Show. I ‘may’ go down with Brian on the train, but it all depends on how much I can walk. They provide plenty of chairs around the perimeter. It’s a British themed show too. I sure hope to go.

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