Walking into the past


My son Sean was nice enough to drive me to my hair appointment today. Afterwards my mom wasn’t up for company, so Sean and I headed for SaladWorks. I got the same salad I had a few days ago, not as good as the way the first place made it. Funny how that happens. This one was heavy on the lettuce. The tuna nicoise is a good one though.

So lo and behold, there was a geocache around the back of the shopping center. Brian and I had stopped there last month and it was to dark to look. Within a few minutes we had it as it was hanging in a bare Weeping Willow.


Someone else commented that there were praying mantis nests and we saw a few.

There was a cache in a historic area at the sight of the Frazer farm. All that is standing is the big fireplace, some foundation and an oven.

To begin with, we had to find the entrance in a nice neighborhood. It was a 1/8 mile hike down somewhat of a hill. This is one of the first hikes I have done for a while. It’s about 5 miles from the Brandywine Battlefield.


I can’t believe this has been standing going on 300 years!


I believe this is the oven area. It was used until 1920!


Funny to see detailed signs in the middle of the woods




The hint was to look behind the big rock with the split in it. There’s the tell tale wood stuck there and a peek of the ammo box! It’s been here since 2001!


I took that big mug there in the background as it had a travel bug on it! It’s traveled 1,400 miles so far!


Nice to see this amazing place and picturing Mrs. Frazer giving the soldiers a hard time! She must have been feisty! There is a Frazer, PA near where Brian grew up!

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