Good things come in paper packages


I now get Southern Living magazine in the mail until April as the coupon offered it for $2-that was a bargain for such a lovely magazine. I put it up on a pedestal with Martha Stewart Living, but I think they each have their own uniqueness. Southern Living had some yummy recipes and they out did themselves with this issue:

Soups, Cookies, Roasts, decorations…I’m talking things I want to make. Sometimes MSL has recipes that I just don’t know what it is or where to find an ingredient. I will probably make the taco soup from SL tomorrow as I have to be to work from 5-10 pm. The store closes actually closes at 9, but they are getting ready for Black Friday. I don’t know where they will squeeze another thing in there. People can’t walk through racks without knocking stuff off as it is.

Speaking of the store, 4 hours was better as was the second day. I did write a note to the manager if I could have 5 minutes to sit down after 2 hours, I’d appreciate it. He wasn’t in, and I didn’t sit down. The chitchat lady (see my reply to Zoey yesterday) was watching me all day! She put me back in  the ladies dept. and I like that sales lady there better. They all whip through those registers so quickly! I bet they couldn’t whip through the internet like me! I only made a few boos boos, one actually I think wasn’t my fault. I did a few returns and the customers weren’t given the receipt to sign.  The customer used a debit card and she didn’t sign the receipt. Another assistant manager had to approve the transaction and she needed to sign the receipt and she didn’t. I think she stuck it in the receipt bag without the signatures. I’m only suppose to be shadowing the sales people anyway, so if I forgot a step, it’s really their mistake as they are suppose to be watching me. I’m getting it! If Brian hadn’t been sick (he’s somewhat better-temp down to 100.3) I think I could really concentrate ‘fully’ on what I’m doing. I like helping the customers the most.

I was really happy to see J.R. Martinez win the mirror ball on ‘Dancing with the Stars’. He’s the 28 yr old former soldier who got burnt so badly several years ago. He is a sweet guy and I cheered him on the entire time! He’s a great dancer. Last week, he twisted his ankle and it effected his performance, but he and Katrina bounced right back this week.

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