Rough Monday


Brian is sick with probably walking pneumonia or pneumonia after a visit to the doctor. He is laying down with a 103 fever. He coughed until 3 am, so not much sleep in this house.
I did get up and go in the store from 10-3. I didn’t get to take a break until 2 and I am very achy as I’m not use to standing more than a few hours at a time, plus being fatigued. I have to go get us dinner soon as I sure don’t feel like cooking. I am bummed I hurt so much, but hope by the end of the week I am better (two days are evening hours).  I used the register a few times and there are a few steps to follow until I get the hang of it. They accept lots of coupons! Wow!

There’s always babysitting.

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  1. Hang in there. It will take a while to get used to it. Do you work on Thanksgiving or are they closed?

    I hope Brian gets better soon.

  2. I’m off on Thanksgiving. Work the day before the holiday 5-10 and Black Friday 4-8. I did feel better today-what a shock to the system! The registers have a lot of touch buttons to get through and of course paying cash is easier! I haven’t used them a lot, but I’m glad I am as I was only suppose to be shadowing the main people. One assistant manager got snippy with me today as was down at another register asking someone how to do their Club 50 discount. She said to stop chitchatting and to tidy the clothes. I had to know know how to do the discount-geez.

  3. I imagine those registers take a little time to learn. That assistant manager does not very professional. I mean, really, getting snippy on someone’s first day of employment! When it all seems like too much, just try to think of the paycheck!

  4. I just remembered I had helped the customer pick out girl’s pjs and the sales lady who was showing me the special discounts kind of lead the customer to her register. She should have let me ring the sale and she even got the lady to do the promo magazine subscription which would have been a bonus for me! So I was going the right thing and got yelled at.

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