Happy Thanksgiving


Cooking at Thanksgiving, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I hope everyone had a nice dinner!
I’m a bit late for a post as we are now finished dinner and waiting a bit for the clean up. All was pretty good-The turkey could have come out of the oven and rested longer. The side dishes were good-sauteed Parmesan Brussel Sprouts, ‘Smashed’ Yucan Gold Potatoes, Fresh Green Beans with sauteed mushrooms, Amish Sweet potatoes and Cornmeal stuffing with apple, pear and onion. This was the first time Brian ate good for a while. Sean is working overnight and is a bit anxious about that. I didn’t take any photos as we all look so blasted tired. : )
(Painting by Doris Lee)

Update-Sean left almost an hour ago for his overnight shift at Walmart. I go in from 4-8 pm. I’m still getting sore feet and knees. Ah the joy of standing so long! I go tidy up a lower shelf and sit on the floor sometimes.

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  1. Cornmeal stuffing with apple, pear and onion…I have never had that, but it does sound good. Glad to hear you had a nice meal. Our restaurant meal was pretty good, too…very moist turkey.

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