Abandoned relatives


Girl in Oval with pointed hat, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Sean was off a few days ago and we went driving around Newark, DE. First we had Kalamata olive and mushroom pizza and salad at a coal-fired pizza place. We enjoy it, but not sure if I should be eating the very well done crust. They tell you it’s served that way as a warning?~ LOL~ My tummy didn’t feel well afterwards, but I’m good now.
We then looked around a few car lots at he saw some from the internet he wanted to check out. We went to where I bought the Mariner and the same fella came out-I swear he sounds just like Joe Pesce when he talks. It was very warm and when the guy opened the car at Sean came to see, it was nasty inside! The passenger seat had a big stain on it-you know the kind like water leaves! Of course the guy said ‘unacceptable’, but they still put it on the lot that way. Ugh. Pass.
Afterwards I asked Sean if we could check out a nearby antique mall. I had gone there once with Brian but it was after we had dropped my vehicle off at the dealership and he had to get back to work, a quickie look around. I found 4 vintage photos for my collection that I share on Flickr. Isn’t this little girl darling? I love her innocent face and pointy hat. And they are truly abandoned relatives. The lady in the antique mall said that people come in and look to see if there are names on the photos and look on ancestry.com and try and sell to the ‘maybe’ relatives. Never thought to do that. Only one of these had names-this one, but only who was getting this photo.
Yesterday I dropped off 15 more things at the thrift shop. I hope I sell more things! It’s really jam-packed and a hodge podge of things. They make an attempt to try and organize a few things -like the glass doo-dads in the window and the pricier stuff in cases.
I left and headed to Hockessin, DE where I mailed something to Maine at the P.O. there. Went in Tuesday Morning and it was picked over from their recent sale. I got a rotissiere chicken and a few groceries at the Acme. To end the day I went to get my hbp med and went in Peebles where I found adorable black Calvin Klein shorts, a long flowery skirt and a couple of tops-one a peasant style with x-stitches all over it. I thought it looked very 70s. Brian said I look like I should be serving beer!
We finally got rain today-lots of downpours. We haven’t had a good rain for over a week. I was paying bills, washing clothes and tried to get into cleaning a messy part of the family room where the books are stacked, but Bri had his own personal jumble of papers (next to the side of his chair). He can’t organize worth a hoot. He has a little job ahead of him and isn’t allowed to bring it back in the room.
The garden place where I bought a lot of plants back in May is giving alot of them away free tomorrow-it’s about 25 minutes from here and not sure if I know where to put anything else. I would say they are probably giving away flowers like impatiens and petunias. We can never get up early enough to do stuff like this. I’m happy with what I have this year. : ) Got our first big tomato today and we bought it from the above nursery!

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  1. First tomatoe already — Wow! Did you have a toasted tomato sandwich? I can’t wait to have one. It will be probably be August before I get one. I have to wait for some nice neighbor to give me a tomato!

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