Happy 4th of July!


Happy Birthday big brother Dave!

Sean always likes to light some of his own fireworks!

New York City Macy’s Fireworks

Philadelphia Fireworks in front of The Art Museum

We’ve had a very low key day. My mom was suppose to come out with her friend Jim, but she decided her dog needed her more! Little Kelsey is really afraid of fireworks.She was doing some clothes sorting and Jim was helping her out too.

Brian and I did some tile repair out on the front steps-14 came loose this past winter. Between the cold and ice-or-the paint underneath may have just gotten loose. Probably a combo of the above. We were trying to chip off the old cement and broke a few tiles, so we worked around that. It looks ok, better than the gray showing underneath. We had extra tiles saved from 12 years ago which saved us using the broken ones.

I did make bacon and egg potato salad, a cold green bean salad and had some store bought macaroni salad. Also cut up watermelon (I’m the only one who ate the watermelon so far). I went to clean up a bit out front and Bri let the burgers go ‘extra crispy’! He put on enough charcoal for 10 steaks! I had grated and pressed onion in them too. Oh well. Sean got in from work at 6:45 and enjoyed his feast.

The guys just went to the fireworks. I am fine sitting here in my bug free and cool family room. I would have enjoyed the show in Philly with Michael McDonald, etc. but we just aren’t crowd lovers.

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  1. I really hate crowds, too, and usually prefer to stay home. Although I usually end up enjoying myself if I get talked into going.

    bacon and egg potato salad sounds good! I don’t think I have ever had that. I bet Jim would love it.

    I am just getting ready to go to the VFW for a benefit BBQ chicken dinner. I will take my camera. They have a music festival after and I might go there….then again…maybe not. We are both pooped after all the activities of the 4th.

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