Longwood Gardens Collage Card


Longwood Gardens Collage Card, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I’m still way behind with these, but I found a few more ‘stack’ scrap paper books at Home Goods last night. Along with a gorgeous orange/salmon glass gazing ball-Happy Mom’ day to me!-lol.
So as you can see I used part of a ticket stub from Longwood Gardens-it was Sean’s one time. I have a pass-so mine looks like a credit card-but I now have to show my license. Guess too many people were loaning their cards out? I used some pink foil wrappers for flowers. The last two collages had new bird themed backgrounds.
Yesterday Sean and I took my mom out to a Chinese restaurant and Home Goods for an early Mother’s Day gift. We hit a produce place that sells plants and I got a large Stargazer lily as a gift for me-$5!!! They had tons of other plants like jasmine and lavendar-I’ll go back again.
Something was irking me all day, couldn’t put my finger on it-turns out Brian gave himself 6(!) cavities by munching on hard candy for months and months.It has to be from that. I remember scolding him a number of times. That’s going to cost a bit of $$. It’s always something.
I need to get ingredients for crispy fish tacos in honor of Cinco de Mayo. I am about 3% Spanish-ha! I love fish tacos, especially love the ones from California Tortilla.

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