Springtime Flowers


Burgundy Columbine, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I’ve been really busy for a few days outside since we’ve had nice weather. I wore a tank top and shorts today it was so warm. I’m happy to see the flowers, but wish they weren’t coming up around that creepy ‘Creepy Charlie’ and leaf debris. I have 5 crates of yard decorations and emptied 3 of them! I didn’t show the Asian bed as it’s not too colorful yet, but I have the pagodas all set up there.
These Columbine are in the mainly Iris garden and I have white Irises blooming too:
Newly opened white iris
Brian just planted a new Iris for me tonight-apricot color.
Also have a garden named for my friend Gret who loves nature and squirrels:
Gret's Garden
Nicotiana with Squirrels
And the pond area is up and running and also cleaned out:
Pond Garden
There are two new plants here, a pink and purplish Wallflower and a red Salvia (not shown here, but planted near the gazing ball).
So I’m making a dent in the work, but lots to do!
Last but not least, the little strawberry house I found at the flea market set in the gnome garden:
Strawberry House for Gnome garden

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  1. Look at the size of those bleeding hearts! I miss having those. Love the white iris, too.

    It looks like you have been working hard.

    I just walked out where the water was and it’s all dry now. I pulled a few weeds by bare hand and then came back inside. I am just not in the mood today. Gone are the days when I would get home from work, change clothes and run outside to grab a shovel.

  2. ahhhh!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! tysm!!!
    you have inspired me to create areas in my little yard too! they are all perepetual works in progress…right now looking into plants for the Mary garden. will post some pics on my blog for ya! ;0)

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