Walking path at the park


Walking path, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I decided to take a walk here today. I made it around twice (ouchie knees) as the wind almost blew me away. I did take my little camera but didn’t see any Bluebirds this time. They were just finishing cutting the grass and I had the place practically by myself. Pretty there isn’t it? I did 1/4 mile.
I made a few more stops-gas (never have filled the tank up in the Mariner since I got it); Goodwill to get rid of a few things and Big Lots. I wanted to go to another nursery but there wasn’t any place to park. I got home from Big Lots and my house keys were gone! I had to go all the way to Sean’s work and get his keys. I was hoping (praying to St. Anthony) that they would be inside the house, but I don’t see them anywhere. Thinking the cat pushed them someplace out of sight as I swear I don’t remember seeing them since yesterday. I called three places and the park lady is calling the police to see if anyone turns them in . I just hope they weren’t in the driveway and someone got them. Brian is at his dad’s tonight, so he may have a set for me. Crossing fingers.
May go to a plant sale at Brandywine River Museum tomorrow or Sunday. They have unusual plants, but a bit pricey.
Have a great Mother’s Day my fellow moms!

View of New Garden Township building in the distance
Our township building
Pavillion in grassy area
White Dogwood

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  1. ooh beautiful place to walk!
    did you find your keys yet?!
    have a great weekend and Happy Mom’s day to you!

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