The birthday boy


The birthday boy, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Sean and I took Brian out to a Greek restaurant last night. It was new to us and it wasn’t too crowded, a pretty place and the food was great. I ordered 3 appetizers which I hardly ever do as I wanted to try their stuffed grape leaves, spinach pie and meatballs. They were all good, but I have to confess that the take-out we got at the Greek Fair last year in Wilmington, DE was better and with bigger portions. I got a Greek salad with excellent grilled salmon and the guys got Greek pasta. I was a bit peeved as I make them pasta all the time. I was hoping they’d pick more authentic Greek food.
After dinner we went to Barnes & Noble and I ran into Michael’s for a few more scrapbooking boxes (on sale).
Bri got mostly clothes-3 pairs of dress pants (2 ordered from K-Mart), nice t-shirts, a Penn State hat and a wallet. He’s hard to buy for.
We had ice cream cake when we got home though Sean had Baklava at the restaurant which was yummy. I’ve made that before and will have to make it again.
I think Bri had a nice 54th.

Dianne and Brian

Trying the Greek appetizers

Lights reflected in mirror
Two guys full of Greek food

The night sky 3/24

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