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Shirley Temple at Play-1935, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I love old books-especially for children. They have to have detailed or colorful illustrations for me to want to add them to the front ‘seat’ of my old child’s desk in my living room. I think I found this book on eBay and it’s just too darn cute. It’s in great shape for being 74 years old.
My mom was born in 1930, so is only a few years younger than Shirley Temple. My grandmom tried to give my mom’s stick straight hair Shirley ringlets to no avail.

Shirley Temple at Play-Movie maker

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  1. What a precious book, and I just love your blog header. I’ve always been fascinated by those photo collages that use photos of letters off of buildings and signs to spell your name or something. Did you make the pictures yourself? Very clever.

  2. Hello Dianne…

    So glad that you stopped by my place to take a peek at my ebay ironstone deal!

    Well, this is my first time to visit your blog…so very nice to meet you! I enjoyed your “Friday Show &Tell”…I just adore Shirley Temple and remember watching all of her movies when I was young (of course they were old movies even then…wink!) I also love old books, especially children’s books…they’re illustrated so beautifully! So you have a double treasure…an old children’s book of Shirley Temple! So awesome!!!

    Warmest wishes…

  3. Oh Dianne, what a precious book that is! I’ve always loved Shirley Temple and to this day still love watching her old movies:-) The illustrations in your book are so bright and colourful, as you say in very great shape for its age. A wonderful treasure to have! xoxo

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