What’s a blog post?


To tell you the truth, I haven’t had a lot to say for a few days. I’ve been trying to visit the blogs for the One World-One Heart event and enter some giveaways. I can’t look at 900 blogs, but it’s nice to visit other crafty people and I have bookmarked some to check out again. My giveaway is still open until the 11th at midnight.
I went in a big circle to go to my Uncle’s to pick something up for my mom and then to get my hair done. We went to a local diner for dinner. My mom is doing so much better and it was great to see her eat!
Bri’s dad is having some swallowing issues tonight and it’s making us both so nervous. He can talk, but feels like some of the hot dog he ate got stuck further down. This has happened before. It’s really scary. Bri almost went over there.
I got to see my niece and nephew and I brought T a little bag of Valentine goodies. : )

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  1. I’m glad to here your mom’s doing better and I hope your FIL gets better soon!

    I have only entered about 15 of the OWOH giveaways. There are so many this year and it takes forever to look at the blogs and leave comments. I’ll start today though.

    Have a great day!

  2. I think a lot of us don’t really have much to blog about lately due to the fact that no one does much or travels much in the winter time…I know I’m starting wonder what I’ll post! lol

    Would you believe I visited all +900 blogs that are participating in the OWOH giveaway? lol It took me almost 2 weeks by doing a hundred or so a day whenever I could but I didn’t put my name in every draw, only the ones that had prizes I’d be interested in winning:-) So many wonderful blogs out there and I bookmarked quite a few but I don’t dare start visiting them because I have a hard enough time visiting all my blogging friends now!!

    Good to hear that your mom is starting to feel better and is able to eat a bit, prayers that she continues to do well. Has Bri’s dad gone to the doctor yet regarding his difficulty in swallowing? I’ve just recently heard that sometimes that may be a sign of a heart attack believe it or not! Hopefully he’ll go get it checked out. xoxo

  3. It is difficult for me to come up with blog posts sometimes, and I just can’t do it every day like some do. Guess it’s my introverted nature. 🙂

    Reading stitchy/crafty blogs could really be a full-time activity and you’d still never read all of them! Recently I’ve been extending my reading to some of the newer bloggers, but know I’ll never keep up. Just gotta use the time I have the best way I can and most of it just can’t be online! Oh well. 🙂

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