Here’s Giggles Boy!


This is ‘almost complete’. I didn’t do all the beading, but I think it doesn’t show up that well anyway. I did one line of it along the bottom left of the ‘angel’. The beads are suppose to go all around the angel. Do you think I need them since I have the pretty sparkly fabric to represent snow?
Giggles in the Snow boy completed
‘Giggles in the Snow’
Mirabilia design by Nora Corbett

When I started this, at least 5 years ago if not longer, I cut the fabric too small, so I couldn’t include the words ‘snow angel’. I don’t think I need them either. It wasn’t an easy stitch, that is hard fabric to work on. I’m happy with him-yes, it’s a boy. Not sure if I will do the girl too.
My father-in-law seems better today, thanks for your comments. I think he had indigestion really bad or he swallowed incorrectly. He ate eggs, sausage and toast for breakfast.
I am having some sinus issues, but am sneezing and taking Sudafed. The temps outside are fluctuating so much, they are bothering lots of people. I’m getting 5 little cavities filled in a few days, so I want to nip this in the bud.

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  1. I love the sparkles on the bottom. I think they would look great on the top, too.

    I had three paragraphs written and hit submit without filling out the name, etc. When I went back everything was gone!***@@@!!!!


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