Photo Hunt-Bridge


Longwood Gardens to the rescue again! This is their awesome train display they’ve been putting up every autumn for the kiddos (and adults too). How cute is the twig bridge? The entire layout is so nicely constructed-they even a have ‘naturally’ made conservatory and other landmarks of the gardens.
Natural rendition of Conservatory
Natural rendition of fountain display
Here’s a ‘bridge’ at the entrance of the 2007 Philly Flower show:
Bridge of flowers at the entrance
And the St. George’s bridge that leads into Delaware (taken out of the van’s window):
St Georges Bridge

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  1. The more you show of Longwood Gardens the more I want to go there! Wow, such an intricate display and I just love that twig bridge:-) Great pictures of bridges…I have a fear of heights and yet it’s never bothered me to drive over a bridge, as long as I’m in the car and not walking on it! lol xoxo

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