Hump Day Humor


I’m trying to be find something funny while it snows and sleets outside. It may make for a lousy commute for Bri. It is suppose to warm up to 40 in the afternoon, so that will help.
Here’s a
Housewife’s National Anthem

My kitchen tis of thee,
Sweet land of misery,
Of thee I sing.
Place where the biscuits died,
That once were mama’s pride!
From every country side,
Let freedom ring!

My kitchen tis of thee,
That took my liberty,
Of thee I sing.
I hate thy heat and steam!
I hate to mop and clean!
I think I’m gonna scream!
Let freedom ring!

Fling aprons to the breeze;
Throw dishtowels in the trees;
Let women sing!
Let frozen food awake;
Let all that eat partake;
Let it their dinner make,
My life prolong.

Our kitchen tis of thee,
Which took our liberty,
At thee we scream!
Long may our pots be bright;
We scrubbed them half a night!
The microwave has saved our life,
It is our King!

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  1. Great kitchen anthem! lol It’s so nice these days not having to always be slaving over a hot stove…the microwave and frozen foods sure do come handy once in a while!!!

    It’s snowing here today and 15F…so lovely to have it over 0 for a change!!! xoxo

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