Carolyn’s Birthday Oscar Bash


It’s that award time of year again and Carolyn invited us to attend a smashing birthday party like we did last year!
Here’s the cake I just picked up for Carolyn:

That ’70’ on the top is a mistake!


And I threw together this little number:

This doesn’t clash does it?

And crystal encrusted low heels:


Love this antique necklace:


This one may work better:


I tried to borrow this from the museum and they promptly said no and thought I was one crazy lady!

oscardiaThe Hope diamond-it clashes with my gown anyway

My date?


Look what they are doing to the statues!


I’m going to sneak some of these into the show-

oscarchocLittle chocolate Oscars

A gift for Carolyn, since she is so colorful:


And last but not least, a little giggle:

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  1. Hi Dianne !
    Yes i remember you from last year – and many thanks for joining in this year too !
    I`ve not quite hit 70 – but i feel like it this morning – i think i`ve caught the bug that`s doing the rounds here – but i`m still partying !
    Your dress is a beautiful colour and the bag doesn`t clash . And how did you know i`m a bag person ! ?
    Have fun hopping about to see the rest of the guests
    and i`ll see you near the piano !

  2. Hi Dianne! So good to see you again this year. Your bag matches your dress exactly…how did you manage that?! I LOVE the birthday cake…so colorful! Gotta get out there on the dance floor. Ta ta, dahling, let’s get together later…….

  3. You looked amazing!! And your date was quite handsome..maybe not as handsome as MY date in his golden tux but hey…: )

    Shall we hit the dance floor now?? Yoo hoo…this is such a fun party!

  4. DARLING, there you are!!! Kiss..Kiss…hehe Hmmmm, we did choose the same colour dress didn’t we! LOL As you said, it means we have good taste:-) You look fabulous and that date of yours…oh be still my heart. George always looks perfect, doesn’t he! I snuck one of those little chocolate Oscars in my purse…shhhhhh!!! Love what you got Carolyn as well, it’s so her with all those beautiful colours:-) Oops, I see Demi Moore is waving me over…see you later my dear! Muahhhh….xoxo

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