I just saved…


…over 8,100 sq feet of land because I shopped at the Rainforest link . I love all the different things they sell at all the links, but this one caught my eye:

MofP leaf necklace

Which I need like another hole in the head. It just spoke to me and I know I will wear the Mother of Pearl necklace and red pea pod earrings a bunch. (just the red ones down there)


Made from dried pea pods with fruit seeds, wood beads, and straw detailing. The designs which adorn the earrings are based on the tribal tattoos of the Guarani people. Designed and handmade by small communities in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil.

I also picked up some little things for my gal pals in my tribe.net group.

Woke up yesterday with a really red left eye. Being a leftie, I do remember rubbing it last night a lot. I am of course more concerned with my eyes now because of the pressures. I did put some of the $80 (yes, had to pay half for an inch tall bottle and I use it like it’s gold) Panatol medicine in it. It is still red! I’m sure I’ll be better today.

Not much else-food shopping and all that jazz.

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  1. I love the necklace, Dianne.

    I had to go take a look at that site. Another necklace I really liked was the Andean Opal Square Necklace –beautiful color. I didn’t order it though as I am trying to lay off the internet ordering for a while. I am totally hooked on Coldwater Creek’s outlet. I can’t even begin to tell you all that i’ve ordered since I found it last fall. I got two packages in today’s mail.

    Have a great evening!

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