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First, I would like to thank Jennifer for her thoughtful comment. I do wish there were more things like the meat grinder, but mostly what she has are just ‘things’. A while ago, I brought home my grandparent’s marriage license to copy and still have it. When mom’s place gets cleaned up more, I’ll put it in a nice frame for her. : )

Here’s part of one of the two Mountain Zebras I am stitching for a quilt. I have to mark it off as I go or I’ll get the stripes mixed up! I like to backstitch as I go.


Brian brought home this photo of his parents (probably in the late 40s as he has his military shirt and tie on). The were engaged before the war and got married in 1950. Brian didn’t come along until 7 years later and was the only child. Don’t you love my late mom-in-law’s hair! She had pretty green eyes too. Brian’s dad will be 85 in June, but he won’t admit it!

Tomorrow is my eye pressure recheck. I’ll do some deep breathing exercises!

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  1. Lovely photo! I just love photos of women from the 40s and 50s – they really knew how to take a nice picture. So classy! (Not like some of these trashy photos you see today!)

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