The old meat grinder


I just got back from my mom’s a little bit ago. It is starting to look a lot different in there. My brother was working in my mom’s room (along with his son), Colleen in the kitchen (God bless her for doing that room) and I took down the Christmas tree (with the help of my sweet niece) and was going through things in the living room. I had to have allergy problems today of all days, but I persevered-look what they all had tackled before I even got there! I went out in the kitchen and saw the old meat grinder that my grandmom used to make those last few pieces of turkey, ham or roast beef stretch into croquettes or ‘deviled’ sandwiches. I asked what was going to happen to it and Colleen said Ken wanted it. Of course he did as he remembers being a little tyke and turning the handle to help our grandmom. He loved her so much.

I told my brother not to throw out books as I would take them to the Goodwill. I have to make a trip there sometime this week. I don’t believe in throwing out literature unless it is musty or soiled.

I’m having some tea and trying to ease my achy back a bit. I had to console my mom a few times, but I think she is now seeing the big picture. It couldn’t stay like that.

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  1. It’s hard to part with material possessions sometimes, but in the end, I think your mom will feel like a huge weight has been lifted off her and she’ll feel so much better. It’s difficult to go through it, but so worth it in the end. It’s wonderful that she has family to help her out – you can appreciate the sentimental value of things and help her sort out what is really most precious to her, yet you have the separation from it to help her make decisions to get rid of things.

    Try a heating pad for your back – it always helps me.

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