Don’t pressure me!


I have to refer to my peepers here. They were buggers again today, though one was much lower that the other-22 and 26 when they should be 21 or lower. So now I have a medical issue and can go to the ophthalmologist that I have been going to for years. They didn’t take the insurance we have for general eye exams. I’ll make an appointment Thursday after the dentist appointment as it’s near in the same medical complex. The doctor today said not to worry as she thinks it’s a condition called ocular hypertension when they can’t find any other reason why the pressure is up (yep probably age, I hear ya)-everything else is fine. I did treat myself to some new frames-after 2 yrs the old ones get beat up a bit. I was looking for something in the same dark look, put on the pale pink metal ones and really liked them. They are more squarish with no tint. Since Brian didn’t need glasses and mine only changed a little, I thought I’d take advantage of the insurance (that we pay into every month) and get new glasses. Not much else is new except for tossing some food items in the cart at Wally World and really wanting to go to Trader Joe’s, but far too achy to attempt that drive. I hope to hit the road there tomorrow…and drop off stuff at the Goodwill…from me and moms.

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  1. I envy you for having a Trader Joe’s nearby! Colleen and I are completely addicted to Trader Joe’s Wasabi Rice Crackers and Wasabi Peas. And they have great cereals. And fish! You lucky duck.

    New glasses are always fun!

  2. Hi, Haven’t chatted in a bit. I don’t know where the time goes. I haven’t been working, the place is slow, they hope to have some work in soon.
    But it’s O.K. by me, as I have been sewing and working on a jigsaw puzzle, which I have got to get done and off the dining room table so we can use it.
    My husband and his friend Donny, who is a real estate agent, bought a house to fix up and sell, so he has been out everyday working on the house.
    Donny had to show an open house the other day. The son had come up from another state to pick up his mom and move her, and they left everything in the house for the real estate to dispose of. My husband brought home a pretty Lane Cedar Chest for us, I have been wanting a bench for the end of the bed, and this one will do just fine, once we change the handles. I also found 2 pieces of fabric, some sheets still in packages and some odds & ends in the chest and have listed and sold them on ebay.
    Good luck at the eye doctor, I go once a year to the opthamologist, because as you get older you have to keep up with the peepers.!!!

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