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The Architecture of Charleston, SC


Photo Hunt- Metal


Look really close here-you will see this represents the head of a horse. This was taken at the Philly Flower Show this past March. I like the different elements used like the phone dial for the eye and feathers for the mane.


I finally ordered an Amazon Kindle-but I waited too long at it takes 11-13 weeks for it to arrive. I saved up over half of what I needed. I think watching Martha Stewart ogle over it again on the site’s video was the turning point.

Update-Zoey asked what the benefits of this are-you can upload books, newspapers and blogs here without an internet connection. You pay $9.99, but you can have the book forever in electronic form.

Here’s their description of it:

We designed Kindle to provide an exceptional reading experience. Thanks to electronic paper, a revolutionary new display technology, reading Kindle’s screen is as sharp and natural as reading ink on paper—and nothing like the strain and glare of a computer screen. Kindle is also easy on the fingertips. It never becomes hot and is designed for ambidextrous use so both “lefties” and “righties” can read comfortably at any angle for long periods of time.

We wanted Kindle to be completely mobile and simple to use for everyone, so we made it wireless. No PC and no syncing needed. Using the same 3G network as advanced cell phones, we deliver your content using our own wireless delivery system, Amazon Whispernet. Unlike WiFi, you’ll never need to locate a hotspot. There are no confusing service plans, yearly contracts, or monthly wireless bills—we take care of the hassles so you can just read.


Places like e*Bay are trying to cash in on the high demand for these. I am seeing them trying to sell for double or more of what I am paying. I’d rather wait. Geez.


Photo Hunt-Reflection


Lavender waterlily
I thank goodness for the ‘search’ feature in my Flickr photos. I knew I used the word reflection a few times. This was taken at one of my favorite and most photographed place on earth-Longwood Gardens. The waterlily ponds knock your socks off! I was told by the caretaker of the ponds, a man standing in the pond at the time, that they dye the water black.

I can’t wait to see what other people do with this.