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Catching the bride


We had a lovely time helping Jenn, a sweet Collins cousin celebrate her marriage to Mike. Wasn’t she a beautiful bride and look at that gown!

MaryAnne, Mike, Jenn and Aunt Sue
MaryAnne-my sister-in-law and also cousin of the bride; Mike the groom; Jenn and Aunt Sue, MaryAnne’s mom.
Sean and Jenn
Jenn and Sean are 3 months apart in age, though she graduated a year before he did from the same high school.
Jon takes daughter Jenn to the altar
I love Mike’s face here! That’s Jon, Jenn’s dad.
The little ringbearer started to get antsy
We were entertained by the little ringbearer-his mom was a bridesmaid and not amused. I think he’s about 4.

The new Mr. and Mrs. : )
Pronounced Mr. and Mrs.
Taking photos at the lovely country club:
The wedding party getting photos taken
Di and Bri at the Reception
Brian and me at the reception
Here’s an update for Zoey about the food…
We had a choice between salmon with crab imperial or chicken stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes. We chose the salmon-a very large piece with delicious scalloped potatoes and green beans. They had a spring garden salad first with blue cheese, cranberries and red pear tomatoes with a Balsamic dressing-really good. I saw the man near me pick out all the good stuff! And there was an hour of appetizers with appletinis (they ran out-but they had an open bar) and coconut shrimp, spring rolls, sushi in a little ice cream cone like cracker (I don’t like sushi) and a few others. Wedding cakes and homemade cookies for dessert-the groom’s family are bakers! : )

Winter-beat it!


I shouldn’t complain because two of my bloggy friends up north have been really dumped on by snow this winter. My Chicago pal has too. We’ve had about 6″ of snow, which is about right. It’s the wind and cold that goes right through you. I need to go to the food store, but the above is stopping me-I’m wimping out. : )
So it is ‘business as usual’ at Bri’s work. They and the Philly Inquirer both filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Day by day! Thanks for your concern and well wishes.
Tonight after I made a bacon, asparagus and red potato frittata (have a little heartburn), I got to work emptying one of my best clothes baskets that had stuff dumped in it-for almost 3 yrs. I don’t know why I let that go, but I am bound and determined to make that basement more presentable. Here all the paperwork for the kitchen remodel was in it! I was looking for that as the garden window leaks-hope it’s still under warranty. Water leaked in when Bri used the hose on it a year or so ago. Did they not seal it? My plants seem fine, I even had an orchid bloom.
My mom got a bump on her leg when my brother went to get her at the ER going on 3 weeks ago. He didn’t help her get in his truck. It scabbed over and now there is a raised bump on it. I am taking her to the doctor on Thursday to get it looked at. She said she fell down when going to use the bathroom last night too-lost her balance. I think she needs Gatorade or something. She’s ok. Constant worry.
Less than a month and Sean will be in Las Vegas on his school trip! He got a great deal and is excited about his first trip out west. I’ve never been out west myself.

John & Stefanie’s Wedding-Nov. 28, 2008


John & Stefanie's Wedding-Nov. 28, 2008
We had a nice evening, though eating dinner at around 9 was late, but we had delicious appetizers too. The actual ceremony was just the bride and groom reading their own vows to each other-very sweet. We sat with the groom’s three children, a bit younger than Sean. They were very nice, but the youngest girl was emotional seeing her dad remarry. The Faunbrook is really a lovely bed and breakfast. It was nice to see Bri’s family.