Catching the bride


We had a lovely time helping Jenn, a sweet Collins cousin celebrate her marriage to Mike. Wasn’t she a beautiful bride and look at that gown!

MaryAnne, Mike, Jenn and Aunt Sue
MaryAnne-my sister-in-law and also cousin of the bride; Mike the groom; Jenn and Aunt Sue, MaryAnne’s mom.
Sean and Jenn
Jenn and Sean are 3 months apart in age, though she graduated a year before he did from the same high school.
Jon takes daughter Jenn to the altar
I love Mike’s face here! That’s Jon, Jenn’s dad.
The little ringbearer started to get antsy
We were entertained by the little ringbearer-his mom was a bridesmaid and not amused. I think he’s about 4.

The new Mr. and Mrs. : )
Pronounced Mr. and Mrs.
Taking photos at the lovely country club:
The wedding party getting photos taken
Di and Bri at the Reception
Brian and me at the reception
Here’s an update for Zoey about the food…
We had a choice between salmon with crab imperial or chicken stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes. We chose the salmon-a very large piece with delicious scalloped potatoes and green beans. They had a spring garden salad first with blue cheese, cranberries and red pear tomatoes with a Balsamic dressing-really good. I saw the man near me pick out all the good stuff! And there was an hour of appetizers with appletinis (they ran out-but they had an open bar) and coconut shrimp, spring rolls, sushi in a little ice cream cone like cracker (I don’t like sushi) and a few others. Wedding cakes and homemade cookies for dessert-the groom’s family are bakers! : )

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  1. and what did you have for dinner? You know me, I like the food details. It’s always fun to compare what other places serve to what we do for the weddings I book.

    You look pretty in your purple flowered dress.

    remember how I used to say that Sean looked like Brian? Today I think he looks just like you! LOL. Funny how that changes.

    Love all the beading on the bride’s dress.

    I hope you had a good time.

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