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Ina strikes again!


I took my mom home today and after we dropped off her packages, headed up to my hometown for lunch. It’s been a rainy, miserable day and is still raining and miserable. This is up near the courthouse (Media is the county seat of Delaware County).

This is Veteran’s Square (can you tell where I was parked from the one photo? You can see the courthouse too).

Our tree is up, but not fluffed or anything and the living room looks like a bomb hit. I will work on it the next few days as I don’t work until Saturday night. I only got 9 hours this week.

Rose Tree Tavern


Today I went down to see my mom as I wanted to take her to dinner and shopping. We didn’t go to that many places in the mall though. I’m not seeing that many gifts that I wanted to buy, but I did get a few things. I happen to get a good coupon for the dinner-  $15 toward $30 meals. We went at 4:45, so got the early bird special-we both got prime rib, mashed potatoes and a big salad. We got beverages and a piece of cake and I had to pay a little more, but I haven’t seen my mom go after a meal like she did this one (me too). It was a bit salty, but I got over it. : )

Before we went to the mall and the restaurant, I wanted to stop at the Rose Tree Tavern that use to be on the corner of a busy road where my bus went by all the time and on the National Register of Historic Places . They moved it back and renovated it. I was dying to see the inside as a tourist bureau, but they had it locked up at 3:30! I did take a few photos though.

From the back with my Ina

From the front-isn’t it lovely for a 272 yr old building? I know they didn’t have to redo the stonework.

From the side with the 1739 cornerstone

Be sure to click the highlighted link to see the various steps of renovation. Someday I’ll get to see inside!

Paranormal event in my hometown


I’m on a Facebook group called ‘you know you grew up in Media, PA…if’ and it really snowballed into a popular group. If you haven’t started one for your hometown, you should. One of the memories that was stirred from my subconscious was about the Helibron Mansion located on Rose Tree Road not far from Penncrest high school. Seems the school bus use to go by this place every day. What I remembered more was ‘the cat house’, up the road and had a cat visible in every window of the cottage like place. The summer air would not be sweetly perfumed from that place. So the mansion was the subject of a non-fiction winning book called ‘Night Stalks the Mansion’written by Constance Westbie and Harold Cameron and back in 1977. Cameron and his family lived in the house for 2 frightful years. I don’t know why they say they lived in ‘Wynne, Pa’ which isn’t even a town in this state!

It’s been investigated a number of times. A friend of my brothers did a photo documentary about the place and was inside it many times. Seems 3 ghosts haunted it, a mother, her daughter and a black man who was a slave and hung on the property for killing the daughter.
There were a few things brought up by the local paper that Margaret (the young girl) was on the 1870 census, 6 years after she was suppose to have been killed.., Anyway…spooky. Why was the house just abandoned with all it’s antiques and I also read a safe full of Christmas gifts from about 1942? The Camerons lived in the place in the 1960s, so around the time we were living 5 miles or so away. I’m glad it’s a short book as I’m reading it at bedtime and then turning off the light to pitch blackness. Yikes! There were plans for a movie, but they can’t seem to sign on actors.
On a more pleasant note, the original place was hazed in the late 1980s and rebuilt shortly afterwards and it’s beautiful. Heres’ an update and a dark photo of it. The present owners don’t have any ghostly inhabitants either. The book is available on Kindle.

Dianne and birthday girl Tori


Dianne and Tori, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

It was nice spending some time with my only niece tonight and our family. I can’t believe Tori is 12 yrs old already!
Her mom made her a beautiful 4 layer chocolate cake, plus she had a BBQ, her choice of dinner. I like to take photos of ‘the next generation’ when all 5 of them are together.
I gave her a silver heart necklace with interchangeable hearts-like turquoise and pink quartz, etc.; an Aeropostale t-shirt and an assortment of antibacterial lotions from Bath and Beyond. She liked them.
Singing happy birthday
Tori opening gifts from us
Mom and Dianne
My mom's grandchildren

Spring cleaning in the fall


We had a very unusual rainy spring and summer. Not ideal weather for hanging out comforters and curtains, so I’m doing it now. Brian’s been home this week painting with the help of Sean since he has some free time this year. The overhangs are finished and Sean is doing the front of the house now! I guess sometime in the future they will do the back and leave the high sides and parts on the roof for a handyman. The paint is a tad lighter in color, but it’s close enough as is Wally*World where it must be a stock color (I had the paint chip from last year and they had the same color this year). It looks nice and clean. I do wish I could have taken down the shutters and washed them. The painting of the front was a last minute thing. The shutters are plastic and we are afraid we may damage one and have to buy all new ones. I’ll have to go out with the Windex one of these days. I have a few cans of spray paint to do some wrought iron things, one of which was my table which Bri put away already.
I am also trying to get things together for a Holiday sale at the church in November. I found a great website where you can buy multiplies of goods. I have 48 memo books that I purchased to decorate the fronts with my collage art. I copied one I had made and my PSP7 program copied it to the size I needed. The site is called You have to register to use it. I also have religious pieces since it is a church sale-key chains and car magnets. I do want to hand make a few things too.
So that’s what I’ve been doing, despite having a few tummy issues (Sean and Brian were complaining too-I think it was the rotisserie chicken I had on Tuesday that threw us off-the smoky stuff just didn’t taste right).
My former classmates are hosting a get-together at the beach starting tonight through Sunday morning. I think 30+ are attending. I had planned to, but then Bri took a bit longer with the painting and now the Chestnut tree burrs are littering the side yard. We are having an evening get-together next month, so that sounds like one I can attend. It’s been fun getting to know almost 100 former classmates again (I was in a class of 486).

Great find by mom


My mom likes to wonder around the local thrift shops. Sometimes she ‘hits’ on a great find for me-like this:
An entire packet of DMC embroidery floss! (it’s missing some colors, but I’m not complaining). She wasn’t sure if it was DMC or not-she was going by the name of the holder thingie. I looked at it and thought how was I going to match this all up with DMC? Tonight I took a closer look and the previous owner had them all separated and I know the numbers well enough to know they ALL were indeed DMC. I even took out 738-saved me a trip to the store.
Thanks mom!
It was so nice today that I planted 5-7′ rows of fall crops. I’ve never done that before, so hoping I didn’t wait too long. I planted beets, arugula, spinach, radishes and lettuce. I’m waiting on the garlic bulbs to be shipped soon-they will go in a raised bed.
RIP Patrick Swayze. What a journey he was on these last few years. I feel especially bad as my step cousin was just diagnosed with the same kind of cancer. I adored Patrick in ‘Ghost’ and ‘Dirty Dancing’. I even like his one hit song-from ‘Dirty Dancing’-‘She’s Like The Wind’. His skit on ‘Saturday Night Live’ with Chris Farley was a classic-when they both were trying out to be Chippendale dancers. He will be missed.
Off to get my hair done tomorrow. I’m pushing for a lighter shade as my roots are horrible against the brown now. On Sunday we were down in my hometown to a town event (where I am going again tomorrow-vendors and food on State Street and yard sales around the town. I got some cute things I’ll share at the end of the week.
And Zoey-the mushroom cookie was delicious-it was a thick butter cookie that I had to split 3 ways! s like

Family gathering


My family had a get together tonight so we were all together  (ALL brothers too) for a dinner and gift exchanging. I was happy my mom had all her kids and grandchildren together.

Here’s a photo of my 9.5 yr old niece and me:

and my mom and her oldest grandson, David age 23:

Last night I was wondering if my father-in-law was enjoying the steak dinner I sent over. He usually calls and thanks me for any food I send over. Right before Brian and Sean got back, he called not to thank me for any of the oodles of food I sent, but to say he almost choked on the steak! I felt terrible, but he must have put it in the microwave to reheat and made it tough. I wished I had sent it a bit under cooked now. Then I thought well maybe he shouldn’t have mentioned it because it was Christmas and he was okay. It ruined the rest of my evening. He does have these choking episodes once in a while, was probably starving as it was 7 pm or later. Yikes!
Please go check out the gorgeous home of Jessi-she must be a decorator for a magazine or something fabulous. I was blown away!