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Some shares!


I’ve been sorting scrapbook paper tonight-4 yrs of collecting it means I have my work cut out for me. I am doing ‘floral’/nature in one box right now. I have to say I really love most of these papers. I have a box with holiday paper too, but I know there’s more in another box which isn’t made for scrapbook paper and I need to rescue it.
On the above card, someone sent me the Easter card and I embellished it abit. The paper napkin background was also a gift.
Then I made this using ‘steampunk’ rubber stamps and made the ‘Eye see you’ card:
Eye see you 4" x 4" Collage card
The copy of the eye doctor ad made the card!
Then I did a few cards with a few of the fabulous collage pieces and papers Carole over at Pea’s Corner just sent me:
1st a 4″ x 4″ collage. This makes 169 out of 365 for me now.
Sweet Cupcake 4" x 4" Collage card
and this ATC:
Be Mine ATC
And finally my ‘Fat Tuesday’ Gumbo dinner:
I used Sweet Italian sausage instead of the salami type. It’s all gone now!
Shrimp and Sausage Fat Tuesday dinner
I made out well at the dentist despite the rough, rainy weather. We have some water in the basement ‘man cave’ bathroom-it comes up through the floor. It’s near my Christmas stuff that I haven’t really finished stacking nicely. I wasn’t in the mood to cook, but made spaghetti with shrimp (yep again) and black olives. I would recommend getting the frozen shrimp (thanks Woman’s World magazine for the idea). Also had spinach salad and tossed in some 3 bean salad I bought at the meat market where I got the sausage. The guys were happy! : )

Happy New Year 2011 Giveaway!


I decided it would be fun to give away a book a month since I love them so much and like to share. For the new year, I am offering the ultimate domestic goddess cookbook by Martha*Stewart. I lifted the photo from another website, so please ignore the ‘look inside’

All you have to do is leave a comment here. If you have any resolutions, let me know. I have to get a bit more serious about exercise, etc. because of health concerns. (Taking medication daily for the first time in my life).
I will pick a winner in the middle of January, around the 15th. This time I will make you an Artist Trading card to go with cooking or maybe being a domestic goddess! Good luck-it’s a nice, big fat book (I own another copy of it).

The soup is on…


Last night, we were down at my mom’s retrieving a twin bed for our guest room as we needed to take down Sean’s childhood bed that had a bunky board instead of a box spring. Sean’s old bed had two very full pull out drawers that both Sean and I had to go through. My living room is a bit of a mess and there’s a big bed in my van now! It pays to clean under a bed once in a while.
I was telling Sean on the way home last night that I haven’t made cream of mushroom soup for a long time. I got down to business today and it only took a little bit of time and lots of rich ingredients to make this:

We also had tuna melts on biscuits! Very easy. I love the frozen Grand biscuits, so while they were baking, I made the tuna part from an online recipe-minced onion, crushed pineapple, chopped celery and honey mustard for the binding agent. Very good!
I have a bit of an online ‘job’ if you can call it that (the company says you aren’t an employee, just like a hired hand). I passed the readiness test, much to my surprise! I was answering some questions tonight-I can tell many of them are from young people who don’t want their parents to see them googling what they were asking-geez. Some were just basic like what football game was on tonight, etc. Great to do while watching tv!. It’s Cha* if you are interested.
Tomorrow is my follow up for my October ultrasound. I should have followed up in early November, but I had a touch of the flu. Better late than never.
Have a great week!

A Tuesday Afternoon


So I was thinking what else I could do beside clean-lol-well at least do something constructive. Things are still not set up the way I want them and I seem to be missing a box of knick knacks which I’ll probably find in July! : )
I have had a crick in my neck or is it the bottom of my head, on the right. It’s probably a pinched nerve, nothing new-an ache a day I call it! It was my right shoulder blade area yesterday.
I tossed in a pot some stew meat, carrots, Yukon potatoes, onions, celery, a turnip and a few cut Brussel sprouts (!) to make this:

My ‘secret ingredient’ is a small can of V8 juice as stew meat isn’t known to be the most tender meat. It really helps. And so does cooking it for at least 3-4 hours.
I also decided that what I would do to tidy a bit is to clip Rachael*Ray magazines. They are great magazines, but between hers and the other few I get, I needed to do some clipping. This is what I did:

I’ve only clipped two magazines so far. I cut out the recipe and wrote the name of the recipe on the front of a file folder. If I try it and like it, I can either write a comment about it right on the folder or start up a notebook with the tried ones. Now I can look at a glance at what looks good and find the recipe easily. I could go further and separate them by appetizer, main dish, pasta, beverage too. One folder probably won’t be enough. I am also writing hints on the bottom corner-use coarse salt in a paste to clean cast iron skillets or the best chicken noodle soup is Camp*bells. There is also a pull out 7 day planner that I just kept intact.
I have my ‘lost recipe’ cookbook open to try some cheddar cheese biscuits, so I think they will go well with the stew. I’ll make them shortly.
Bon Appetit!
Mrs. Jean Biden’s funeral was a stone’s throw from here today. I heard if you got in, they took away your purse, etc. for security reasons. President and Mrs. Obama attended as did Prez. Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.
The noon news had a live feed in the church and it showed V.P. Biden wiping his eyes. He had his mom a long time.
Sean’s at Wally World interviewing for a PT job. He is also going to take a test on Friday for census work which pays really well. So hopefully something will happen for him soon.

America’s Best Lost Recipes


I got the above book for Christmas and I started to read it this morning. Right away there were a few recipes that I have heard of- ‘Wacky’ Cake, Amish Pickled Beets and Eggs and 24 hour salad. The Wacky cake was made by a fellow church member a few years back for a church picnic. I heard her say to her son, ‘I made your favorite Wacky cake’. This was a joke between Bri, Sean and me every time we saw this lady. We even called her Mrs. Wacky Cake! This was popularized during WWII when many cake ingredients were short in supply and they made due with what they had. A few of the ingredients were white vinegar and vegetable oil. I remember making a cake with mayonnaise, must have been similar to Wacky cake and it was good too!
My husband’s mom made the Pickled Beets and Eggs several times a year. I think it was something her mom use to make too. I don’t recall making them myself. I like deviled eggs. A good hint from the book is to cook the eggs, drain the pot and then roll the eggs into each other until the shells start to crack. This makes it easier to peel them.
The 24-hour salad is a variation of ‘Ambrosia’. I’ve made this several times over the years. The book version calls for frozen sour cherries where I would used red cherries. They used cut up marshmallows where I used the mini ones. The cut ones are better as they don’t get as soggy. I’m just in the appetizer section (the cake was referred to in the intro), but I am having fun reading about the tried and true 121 recipes included here. I will be trying many of these and will let you know how tasty they are.
I like this part of the intro:

Some things are just crying out to be lost. Bad supermarket tomatoes. Sponge*Bob Square*pants Cereal. Breakfast at Mc*Donalds (I like it!).Halftime at the Super Bowl. Any recipe that starts with a can of cream of mushroom soup (they haven’t tried my tuna noodle casserole!). And don’t forget children’s books penned by celebrities and casseroles of overcooked broccoli.

This is by the editor of Cook’s Country magazine if you are interested.

Photo and recipe found here

Pickle Power!


We’re having a warm and sticky week. I go sit outside for about 10 minutes and come back in to the a/c. Since the tomatoes went bust, we have been lucky to get the cherry and grape ones, but the cucumbers really took off. Yesterday I made refrigerator pickles with about 7 cups of sliced cukes, vinegar, sugar, salt,chopped onion and dillweed. Needless to say, the guys have been dipping into the container a few times. They are really easy to make!
One of big hibiscus flowers (I grew the plants from seed about 4 yrs ago) broke off, so I brought it in. The deer usually make a meal out of these, but I have some blooming this year.
Today I was tidying up my living room area as that is where I will sit the priest when he visits on Monday as we hardly use this area. My craft stuff is tucked in every nook and cranny since I have so much of it now. Yes, I will downsize and keep things I really like (one of these days).
My brother is working on the air in my van. I just can’t drive with the windows open. My class is having a get-together at the beach at the end of September and Brian said we could attend. It’s in Ocean City, but I’d like to find a room in Cape May and drive over to the get-together. When we were there last week, it was a tease for mom and me as we hardly saw anything as it started to rain and we had to leave.
Guess I’ll be headed to my hometown tomorrow to get my van. Hope the weather holds out. We lost power for two hours last night from mostly gusty winds. That makes 12 hours without power in the last month.



Seems we are in for a week of heat and humidity with pop-up thunder and lighting storms like Friday and Sunday nights! Of course last night we lost power for almost five hours from around 8 pm to 1 am. We were sitting around listening to ‘Delilah’ on the radio (she has the most soothing voice) and doing a round robin playing the ‘ABC’ game with people’s names. Some of the names I picked were ‘too hard to remember’ like Tawny and Wentworth-lol.
I had made a yummy veggie stir fry for dinner before the storm hit. It called for Bird’s*Eye frozen veggies and I used all fresh-a few had to be precooked.


Then I mixed up a Cinna*bon coffee cake we bought at B*Js-we enjoyed that in the dark. I had just cleaned my kitchen floor and one of the counters before the power went. At least I didn’t totally waste my evening.
A new gazing ball on a stand.
And the Crocusmia:
~Update-Zoey wanted to know how long I’ve had the Crocusmia-they have only bloomed twice, so I think I planted them in the fall of 2007. The leaves flicker in the breeze and I think the flowers are neat the way they open.