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The countdown…


Tomorrow morning I’ll be an employee for Peebles! I am still not sure what kind of clothes to wear-tops with sweaters, etc. as I don’t know how hot and cold it is there. I wore a corduroy jacket to the training and we were in the break room and I was warm and removed it. I did see a space heater on the floor in there though. I have a form fitting top pulled out of the closet for tomorrow-it’s a bigger size than I have been wearing, but believe me, I have plenty of outfits to chose from! One reason is because I was looking for some slacks I purchased last year over the past week. I bought 4 pairs as they fit me so well-but they weren’t in the closets or armoire. Brian hadn’t gotten down all my clothes from the attic (for a brief second I thought I had gotten rid of a ton of clothes-ha ha-nope)! I poked my nose up in the attic and pointed to a few bags, one of which was a Peebles bag! It contained stuff at least 8-10 years old. I think the stuff had been in the guest room closet and I needed the room, so it went up in the attic. Found a little girl’s dress, it had to be mine and it was home sewn, a pretty yellow gingham with a yellow ribbon around the bodice. I’ll have to show it to you. Needless to say, I filled up two bags for donations with the old clothes. I did kept a sweater my late mother-in-law had brought me back from France (with a UK label). It’s very 80s looking. I guess I’ll have to show you that one too-lol.

I went to our church’s bazaar yesterday and got the bushel of white mushrooms, so tonight I had to make an early dinner for Sean, so made an onion and mushroom fritata with a side of asparagus. I’m waiting on Brian, but I’m getting hungry, so I’m off to eat!

I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes…be good sinuses. : )

Homemade crockpot cheesy potato soup


I literally yanked out the crockpot and tossed about four ingredients in to start with. Mind you, many were not the correct ingredients. I ‘should have’ used southern style cubed hash browns and I bought shredded ones. Also used veggie broth instead of chicken, but tossed a packet of chicken broth into it. I also added a touch of dill, garlic salt and parsley. It’s nice to have your dinner almost ready at 5 pm. I then whipped together the flour, milk and shredded cheese and stirred that in. I had a package for cornmeal and made that quickly. It was about a $7 meal! I’ve been challenging myself that way with the tight economy.

Great chicken recipe


You don’t even have to write it down. I think I have it memorized after making it a few times. Get a pound or so of extra thin sliced chicken breasts. Mix up two egg whites with two teaspoons of cornstarch with a little lemon juice (the secret sticking ingredients). Then roll them in breadcrumbs, parsley, salt and pepper and grated lemon peel and fry up in olive roll. I did this entire ‘plate’ in 15 minutes. Enough for leftovers!

We are getting ready for our weekend excursion to National Harbor. Never been there, but pretty close. I believe I just read our hotel is fairly new. Sean isn’t sure if he wants to go because of having school work again. I said he could sit in this lovely area and do work as well as he could at the end of the sofa. Sometimes he gets a bit grouchy as he thinks the trips should revolve around him. He threw cold water in my face when we were in Chincoteague a few weeks ago as he thought the area was boring. He got to have his fun the night before. And I remember I stopped going on family trips when I was younger than him! He’s not paying anything this time around. I plan to be listening to music the entire time. Please send some good vibes as my lower back has been bothering all week. It’s awful in the morning and is better as the day goes on. I alternately use heat and ice. Crossing fingers!

Roasting and Baking


I have some scrumptious Roma tomatoes roasting in not only their juices, but also, olive oil, a bit of garlic plus salt and pepper. Smells really good in here! I plan to freeze some, but also use some with pasta. The Romas (plum) are about twice what we normally get! Glad we moved the garden over!

Then I wanted to use a zucchini, maybe two, but alas, this recipe only called for 1 lousy cup. I am doing good using the zucchini anyway!
Quick to mix up with a base of butter and confectioner’s sugar. Glad I had some parchment paper (forget I did) as they came off of it nicely.

They are a bit crunchy from the cornmeal…not alot of zucchini taste, but good!

We’ve had a rainy weekend down here. We all did a lot of sitting and vegetating yesterday. Today I got my clothes ready for a little trip this week coming up. It took me an hour to decide and I think I need more than a tote bag, but it will do I guess. Brian is the one who has problems packing, like remembering to locate his swim trunks. I was making him try things on which he didn’t like. I like to have one dressy outfit, though not many people dress up to eat out. Shame on them!

Squash time!


As you all know, we moved our garden and made it smaller, but it really is packing a punch in it’s new, tighter quarters. Since we had a circle garden, we went ahead and added $26 fencing to that area. We planted the tomatoes and pepper around it’s perimeter with squash, onions and cukes in the middle. I have a few flowers behind the peppers-Zinnias and Sunflowers. I picked these little cuties-called Grey Gourmet by good ol’ Burpee (have to remember they are having some kind of event up at the Burpee place in PA-it may be in August or September). These will only grow 6″ long and they ‘bulk’ up. I have all those cookbooks, but since I was a bit weary from watering plants tonight, I chose a recipe from called Tuna Zucchini casserole.
Tuna Zucchini Casserole
This is before it was baked for 30 minutes. You grate the 2.5 cups of zucchini and saute it with onions and celery. You sprinkle the veggies with flour, add milk (2 cups) and parmesan cheese. Then add the tuna (I used only one can, but you can surely do 2 cans). This mixture is mixed in the cooked pasta (I did half a pound of penne-8 oz). The pasta soaks up the sauce a bit. And before you bake it, mix up a cup of bread crumbs with more parmesan and melted butter or margarine. Yummy!

Crispy Fish Tacos


I made these last night, so good! I never ate fish tacos until a few years ago and now I try them when I see them on the menu. A guy I went to high school with is a chef and told me to use buttermilk-had to add a little white vinegar to regular milk to make my own. I got fish with batter like you get on sweet and sour shrimp/chicken-nice and light. The first few batches were a little light in color-should have let the Canola get a little hotter. The ‘sauce’ was good-mayo, sour cream, hot sauce, garlic and Cilantro. I used talapia, but you can use any white fish. Someone said halibut was good. Sean liked the crispy shell, but Brian and I liked the soft. Try it, you’ll like it! (I don’t serve food that is fried too often, so this was a treat).

Happy St. Paddy’s Day


Thanks to Ladybird Ln. for sharing the lovely traditional Irish blessing.
We are having some nice weather here in Pennsylvania. After I got the corned beef browned and settled in it’s beer braising bath, I took a walk around the yard. The daffodils and other spring flowers will be blooming soon. The croci are already! I came around front and Cosmo kitty was peeking out the front door and I decided he should get a chance to enjoy the nice outdoors. He’s really good on his harness and his sniffing was a bit out of control and he was stopping taking some long whiffs. I had to pull him along and then he hisses. I see that the deer made some meals on my hedges along the house. If they don’t grow back, I think we have to cut them down along with the nibbled on holly bushes. We have so much wilderness behind us, you’d think the deer would be happy, but no.
The corned beef was good. We had cabbage, potatoes, carrots and green beans also. I made a sauce but added a little honey mustard to it which was tasty.
Tomorrow it will be in the 70s! Wow!