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Presently a quote to live by

Knowledge is power.
Sir Francis Bacon, Religious Meditations, Of Heresies, 1597
English author, courtier, & philosopher (1561 – 1626)


I’ve been giving Oprah (or was it Dr. Oz) credit for this and here it was Sir Bacon. When I saw it was Sir Bacon, I thought of Kevin Bacon for some reason-oh, he’s from Philly.   ; )
I’m reading up on call-backs and have gotten some interesting opinions, etc. I know my pals in blogland are being quiet on the subject-but knowledge is power people! I read there are only 10% of call backs from standard mammograms, but out of 1,000 mamms, only 5 are bad ones.
If you haven’t had a mammogram lately and you are over 40, do yourself a favor and get one so you know stuff. Ok? : )

I’ve had a quiet weekend. Two of my art pals and I are making tags/squares for our Christmas calendars. We are trading 8 to each other and then will have to make 15 for our own. I had so much fun making them today (they are only 2″ squares on my calendar). I’m up to 21 and need to make 10 more. I haven’t made the actual calendar part yet. I thank Artsymama in my blogroll for the inspiration when she posted her Halloween calendar purchase.
I also started a piece for our blogland Cross stitch lottery. On January 1st, some lucky stitcher will win all the submitted finished pieces. I wouldn’t mind winning them. I haven’t checked lately, but I think there are at least 20 participants.

This daylight savings is messing me up a bit. I better hit the hay soon. Have a great Monday!

Hope you like my new blog format. I couldn’t stand all my sidebar stuff on one side and I think my photos look better too.

Oh-my ’57 Thunderbird made the top right corner of Elijah’s Love quilt-and it’s an awesome quilt! (clickable)

Elijah’s Quilt

What a great idea!


Child with chick

Like me, you probably get tons of catalogs before the holidays. I really like to look through them for unusual items, especially for people on my list who seem to have everything. The heading on one catalog really caught my attention: The Most Important Gift Catalog in the World-Heifer International. What’s this you may ask? An org that assists 140,000 families (last year) with the gifts of animals and training and passing on the gift. What you can give is a flock of chicks to a needy family for $20 or a ‘share’ in a water buffalo-$25 toward the $250 full price. Now what would be a better way to teach kids about giving? The kids are so happy in the photos. I am definitely giving some chicks! There are bunnies, heifers, goats, etc. If you love animals, you know the gift of one is extra special. If you like this idea, feel free to post the link on your page. The link is

Sean had a low key birthday but enjoyed some emails from friends and did pick up his package (which I bet had been sitting in the mailroom for a few days), so that brightened him up. He has a few things here he ordered-the Phillies championship shirt and a shirt. Speaking of, I added some new photos to some of my items. I’m still waiting for some sales. I may do a few vintage things for t-shirts, etc.

The mam slam went ok. She questioned why I said I was sore, but I explained it was mostly my pecs and upper back which are much better. She called the doctor to make sure! She noted that I had strained myself lifting books. Geez.

Dreary weather here! I plan to do a bunch of crafty stuff and the laundry tomorrow. I have a craving for nachos! My appetite hasn’t been great this week-thinking about today and of course my pal’s mom. I ordered her 32 mini-roses in assorted colors which were suppose to be delivered yesterday. I hope they were pretty.

Hey cookbook fans! Molly Coddled is giving away a doozie of a cookbook filled with Taste of Home recipes. Go check it out-you only have one more day to leave a comment.

Some shares


Finally! The ’57 Thunderbird for Elijah at Love Quilts is finished. I think it looks cool. The variegated floss for the border and flames was one ‘x’ at a time.


And here is where I hung up my framed pieces.

The lighthouse is in the living room over a watercolor of the same lighthouse in Cape May!
Cape May2

Doesn’t this photo look like my cross stitched piece?

Cape May Photo

Walk in the Woods is hanging over the entertainment center on the only gold wall in the family room. I look at it every time I watch tv or am stitching. Great inspiration!
I have another ‘share’ but you can’t see it until I send it to the recipient.
Today I was decorating for fall and Halloween in the middle of an allergy attack. I am not careful when I vacuum (like behind the entertainment center) and am down in the basement digging for boxes. I do wear a dust mask when it’s a planned session-lol But it wasn’t funny today. Took a few doses of allergy nasal spray. I am far from finished. Maybe tomorrow!

And then a hero comes along…


…John Wood.

John Wood-book crusader

I almost didn’t watch Oprah today. I turned it on while our girlfriend was interviewing Mr. Wood about his program to end worldwide illiteracy called Room to Read (second is linked to Oprah).

Room to Read

 A former big wig at Microsoft, Mr. Wood went to Nepal on a trip and found poor conditions in a school there-overcrowded and most of the pupils couldn’t read. He vowed to go back in a year with books and he kept his promise-I was in awe with him-got the warm fuzzies big time!  Now his org is building libraries and schools all over the world. Many people in the small communities are learning to make bricks and to build themselves! Check out the link and maybe make a $5 donation (I plan to donate something).

For two days and for a few hours,  I did garden clean up. Brian cleaned up the piles after dinner each night. I think I am wearing him out! Last night we moved the big hollyhock that was across from the front door. It broke into 3 pieces so hopefully I have three new plants. I know a tree near where we just planted it gets rust or whatever fungus it is and hollyhocks are prone to get it. We planted the hollyhocks in my iris bed. The iris have spread a little. I am hoping to give some to my mom as I have some gorgeous ones. This is reminding me to go order from the same company as I won their photo contest last year (Aug. 06) and I better use the coupon soon!

Getting my hair done late in the afternoon. I think my mom is staying over to go to the gyn with me. I could go by myself, but she wants to lend support. I have some issues, but just doing all this yardwork has made me stronger (and a bit achy) over the last few days.

That warm fuzzy feeling


After Heroes was over last night, a new show came on called the Black Donnelly’s. I tried to watch it for about 20 minutes and couldn’t get into it, so I switched over to find the Oprah Winfrey special about the all girl school she opened in South Africa. I was totally mesmerized by those sweet girls and how happy they were to be able to go to the wonderful facility that Oprah built after 5 yrs in the planning. The last photo that was shown, was Oprah in the middle and surrounded by a sea of smiles (every single girl!) teared me up big time. Oprah said that ‘all the girls are like her daughters’. This touched one girl whose mother left her when she was 4. I can see many lives changing now.

Oprah and the girls

This special will be rebroadcast on Saturday, March 3rd so check your local listings.


I’m doing a little ‘me’ pampering tonight-I couldn’t get a hair appt until 6 tonight and I called a week ago! Cruella DeVille and I could be sisters! I guess my stylist is getting too popular. I plan to shop at a local office supply place for some art card supplies (I’ve made 32 ATC now) and then go to Subway to pickup dinner so I don’t have to cook and run out the door.

My mom is still unwell. She said she was wheezing a lot last night. She has a doctor’s appt at 3. Wish her well as this is about her 3rd week of this illness.

I went and started a new cross stitch project when I have two looming deadlines. Not to worry, the house round robin is nearing completion as I need to finish the garden area in front of the house. The bee and flower for Love Quilts is fine-the poor bee needs it’s wings! I’ll put an updated photo above soon. What I started was a heart shaped design filled with butterflies. My mom gave me the two packages of DMC linen floss for Christmas and they both came with free designs. The fabric I am using is from Sugar Maple-a blend of pinks, greens and a little yellow and blue. It’s a cashel and very nice to work on.

It’s in the 40s today, so down right tropical. Go away snow and ice! Bri almost fell in the driveway this morning as it must have done something during the night.



The crafters over at ’25 Things for Charity’ have inspired me to try my hand at crocheting again. I started with some booties for babies. I actually had to look up the different stitches it’s been so long, but I caught on right away. Brian seeing me crocheting booties made him do a double take! ~LOL~ So I sat tonight while ‘Three Wishes’ and a special about ‘The Smithsonian’ was on and did most of one bootie. It needs it cuff-that top part. I really like crocheting as it’s so fast and you get end results right away. I don’t have to pay attention that much after I get going. Booties are a little different because you have to make the heel part.
Crocheting won’t take the place of cross stitch for me, but I like to use my hands creating and this is a nice diversion.
I’ll post them here and at the Charity blog when I am finished.

I asked mom if she wants Sean to get her on Monday (his birthday) and she said she would really like to come out if she feels strong enough. Mom hasn’t been here since July 4th. She’s been in sort of a downward spiral since Hunter passed away. She even called the vet to see where the dog was cremated. She had to tell me this when I was trying to eat Lean Cuisine chicken parmagiana. He’s in Quakertown.
Here are the booties plus a matching fedora that I made in a few days! That is my childhood doll-Thumbelina modeling them, but they are really too big for her.