That warm fuzzy feeling


After Heroes was over last night, a new show came on called the Black Donnelly’s. I tried to watch it for about 20 minutes and couldn’t get into it, so I switched over to find the Oprah Winfrey special about the all girl school she opened in South Africa. I was totally mesmerized by those sweet girls and how happy they were to be able to go to the wonderful facility that Oprah built after 5 yrs in the planning. The last photo that was shown, was Oprah in the middle and surrounded by a sea of smiles (every single girl!) teared me up big time. Oprah said that ‘all the girls are like her daughters’. This touched one girl whose mother left her when she was 4. I can see many lives changing now.

Oprah and the girls

This special will be rebroadcast on Saturday, March 3rd so check your local listings.


I’m doing a little ‘me’ pampering tonight-I couldn’t get a hair appt until 6 tonight and I called a week ago! Cruella DeVille and I could be sisters! I guess my stylist is getting too popular. I plan to shop at a local office supply place for some art card supplies (I’ve made 32 ATC now) and then go to Subway to pickup dinner so I don’t have to cook and run out the door.

My mom is still unwell. She said she was wheezing a lot last night. She has a doctor’s appt at 3. Wish her well as this is about her 3rd week of this illness.

I went and started a new cross stitch project when I have two looming deadlines. Not to worry, the house round robin is nearing completion as I need to finish the garden area in front of the house. The bee and flower for Love Quilts is fine-the poor bee needs it’s wings! I’ll put an updated photo above soon. What I started was a heart shaped design filled with butterflies. My mom gave me the two packages of DMC linen floss for Christmas and they both came with free designs. The fabric I am using is from Sugar Maple-a blend of pinks, greens and a little yellow and blue. It’s a cashel and very nice to work on.

It’s in the 40s today, so down right tropical. Go away snow and ice! Bri almost fell in the driveway this morning as it must have done something during the night.

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  1. I watched the Oprah special, too, and it was very moving. Sorry your mom isn’t feeling well, I’ll keep her in my thoughts. It’s in the 40s here today too! We got around 4-5 inches of snow yesterday/last night. I’m sooooo ready for Spring!!!

  2. Hi, I watched the Oprah special too. It was so moving. What smart girls too !!!
    I really think she is right we are going to need more female leaders to make many of those countries change their ways. As you saw in the special, most of these girls are being raised by mothers and grandmothers, the men are gone. Oh, the one that got me is the girl who leaves at 4:30 in the morning and has to worry about being raped as she walks passed the men, who taunt her about being a girl, and how they are going to get her when she is a bit older, How disgusting.

    The civil wars in some places are horrific.
    I would vote for a woman president if we had a good candidate.
    I won’t vote for one, just because she is a woman.

    Well gotta run and watch Judge Judy and start dinner. Just got back from getting a manicure and pedicure.


  3. I have to start turning on the tv! lol I had heard about Oprah opening a school for girls in Africa…glad it’s all become a reality:-) With all her money it’s nice that a lot of it goes to help others in need. I do hope your mom’s dr. appt went well and that she was able to get something to help her. I still haven’t had time to work on any ATCs…need more hours in the day! lol The only thing I’ve been making are larger cards like the one I posted the other day. I will look into that music program!! xoxo

  4. It’s me again….I’ve just removed my music program and have installed Sonific..can you see if you still get booted off my blog?? Hope this works:-) xox

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