The crafters over at ’25 Things for Charity’ have inspired me to try my hand at crocheting again. I started with some booties for babies. I actually had to look up the different stitches it’s been so long, but I caught on right away. Brian seeing me crocheting booties made him do a double take! ~LOL~ So I sat tonight while ‘Three Wishes’ and a special about ‘The Smithsonian’ was on and did most of one bootie. It needs it cuff-that top part. I really like crocheting as it’s so fast and you get end results right away. I don’t have to pay attention that much after I get going. Booties are a little different because you have to make the heel part.
Crocheting won’t take the place of cross stitch for me, but I like to use my hands creating and this is a nice diversion.
I’ll post them here and at the Charity blog when I am finished.

I asked mom if she wants Sean to get her on Monday (his birthday) and she said she would really like to come out if she feels strong enough. Mom hasn’t been here since July 4th. She’s been in sort of a downward spiral since Hunter passed away. She even called the vet to see where the dog was cremated. She had to tell me this when I was trying to eat Lean Cuisine chicken parmagiana. He’s in Quakertown.
Here are the booties plus a matching fedora that I made in a few days! That is my childhood doll-Thumbelina modeling them, but they are really too big for her.

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  1. Is crocheting easier or harder than knitting (which I appear to be hopeless at)? I found an online project for sewn adult slippers that I thought I could handle. Been up to here (gesturing about 3″ above forehead) with gifties and have not been doing any charity. uh oh

  2. I think crocheting is easier. I did have to open a book to refresh my memory about the stitches. I have made one bootie! I think the yarn may be too thick (though it is baby afghan yarn) because it’s one big bootie! LOL I think it would fit 6-12 months instead of what the directions say for newborn to 6 months. They will be cute anyway.

  3. It’s so nice of you to make booties for charity even it did give your hubby a scare! lol I’ve never tried making booties yet. They seem challenging.

    I see by your buttons that you love Survivor and Amazing Race. My daughter and I never miss an episode!

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