Southern Charm at Middleton Place


There was a few plantations to visit and we had to pick just one as it is an expensive day trip. The lady at the hotel said she liked Middleton the best, so we decided to use our big gift card to get in. We had to travel about 15 minutes or so from our hotel. We parked and went to get a ticket. The lady there couldn’t get the gift card to go through. We think she put it in for a $129 transaction (yep) and instead of $100 and then adding the $29. We had to use our Visa to get in.

We had a little walk to the homestead to take the tour. we saw sheep in the front lawn, swans in the long rectangular pond and Camilla blooming in December. There was moss galore.

IMG_9245 IMG_9248See the sheep?


Camilla blooming


View of the Ashley River


Those are the ruins to the main mansion. You can walk along the river too.


We also toured this home. It was one of three spared by fire in the 1860s. We saw a lot of the beautiful silver that one of the wives collected from Europe. We saw a pardon from President Lincoln to a wife so she could get home safely to South Carolina from the north.IMG_9268 IMG_9270

This is my favorite photo of the day.


IMG_9275 IMG_9277 IMG_9279 IMG_9281 IMG_9282

Who are you looking at yak?

I bet it’s really pretty in the summer too.


This was the back of the home. Of course the front faced the lovely river.

IMG_9292 IMG_9299 The sheep got out!IMG_9303 I was pooped !

IMG_9305Lots of walk ways to explore.

IMG_9310 IMG_9311 IMG_9312

Next-the Architecture of Charleston

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