Mooovee along please


Cows in pen, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Brian and I went to a quaint tavern for lunch called ‘The Whip’.(Their photo slideshow is nice on the website). We had seen it mentioned on a local ‘foodie’ show last night and decided to go. Unfortunately, it was crowded at even 1:45 pm. We were sitting next to a very loud group of ladies. I noticed when their order came before ours, most got the same as me the ham and brie quiche and salad.
The Whip Tavern's quiche
Brian got fish and chips.
Bri at the Whip
Yummy, like home cooking from England. As we sat waiting a bit, we started to chat with an older lady and she said to get ‘the pudding’. After lunch, I asked the waitress and she said it was cake-think it was described as ‘sticky cake’-buttery with a caramel sauce and side of vanilla ice cream-really delectable-I have half of it here as Bri only tasted some. Update-from a review its’ called Sticky Toffee Pudding-very cake-like to me.
Delectable butter cake with caramel sauce
I had my camera and Bri drove the Cruiser and if I saw something I wanted to photograph, he slowed almost to a halt when he could-thus the cow shot through the windshield. Nice day, but very blustery.
Tree changing orange

The Whip Tavern is an English pub situated in beautiful Chester County horse country. The drive to get there is an experience in itself no matter what season. Rolling hills, pasture land and then all of a sudden you happen upon The Whip on the corner of N Chatham Rd (Rt 841) and Sprindell Rd which seems in the middle of nowhere.

“Jolly good, this ‘cool interpretation of an old English pub’ will
‘put a smile on your face’ and sate any ‘cravings for bangers and mash’,
‘amazing fish ‘n’ chips’ or ‘fantastic’ lagers and bitters…’pubby and clubby’ ‘treasure’ ” ~Zagat

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  1. That looks like a good lunch. It’s been ages since I have had quiche.

    Fun pics on the post below. I used to have a program on my old computer to do similar things.

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