Fun stuff


Love this website and played with a few of my photos on it last night (need to take a few head on shots).

Corn Maze


My weekend job at a Renaissance faire-lol

Sometimes wearing rollers to bed keeps me up all night! (My hands aren’t that big)

Yay, very funny!
And I hope you noticed me winking at you up in the left side bar…here’s another silly one:

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  1. Hi, I enjoyed flipping around your blog today! There’s a little bit Too Much Information sometimes, but your topics are varied and unexpected overall, which keeps a reader’s interest. I am new to blogging and am writing on topics that might interest you, about life in the Brandywine Valley.

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by Gardentina and since you are new to blogging, I hope I can help you out if necessary. Not sure what you mean by ‘too much information’, but it’s my personal blog and I write what I like for me and if I think it helps people.
    I’ve lived in the Brandywine Valley for 25 yrs too. : )

  3. Those are soooo cool! lol I’ve bookmarked the site to check it out later when I have more time. Yup, I noticed you winking at me from your sidebar! hehe xoxo

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