Peep peep!


Peeps Mobile from Penna.!, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

It reminds me of my car a bit-minus the Peeps topper! : )
PA license plate of the Peepmoblie
I decided to go through my Flickr photos for a blog topic. I just gave my niece the ‘Peeps’ hat they were giving away at the National Harbor store and she loved it. She’s a hat gal like her auntie. So you all know this is a Pennsylvania company? Here’s their fun VW that was at the Abbey Road on the River show. They were a sponsor there.
Who doesn't love 'Peeps'?
Well the heater is fixed-it was a bit chilly for a few mornings here.
Got my chipped molar fixed today-my mouth is sore, but more on the bottom where I didn’t have the chip. The bottom left teeth have been patched and worked on so much and with all the air blowing and water and stuff at the dentist, they are really hurting now. I have Anbesol right here whis is helping.
Now I can reveal something-B. had an online phone interview with LivingSocialdot com and they sent him a ‘Dear John’ email today. Very disappointing. I would apply if I had more experience. I was in the other room listening to him on Thursday and he sounded tired and could have known more about the company. He tends to talk fast on the phone and was asked to repeat what he said several times. Bummer.
We’re going down to Ocean City, NJ just for overnight coming up this weekend to spend time with some former h.s. classmates of mine. One of them opens his home and yard to us-third year I think. Mom and Sean are invited to the shore, but not the get-together, but to enjoy the beach and scenery. Sean may not go, he’s not sure with his work load. I think we will probably go to Atlantic City that evening and head home early the next day.
Anyway, they asked me to bring dessert-will probably do chocolate chip cookies and bring a few bottles of wine. : ) And it’s my mom’s 81st birthday on Friday, so it’s a gift to her too.

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  1. No, I did not know that Peeps was a PA company. Since I met you (online), I have been noticing all kinds of things from PA!

    Glad to hear the heater is fixed. At least it had the decency to go out in warmish weather. Imagine if it was the dead of winter!

    I had a chipped molar fixed a few weeks ago (top right). It is still very sensitive to cold. I hope that cures itself soon.

    Sorry to hear about B’s interview. I guess it was just not meant to be. Hopefully he finds something else.

    I hope you have fun with your classmates this weekend. We are going to a tribute to Billy Joel concert. I am happy that I will not have to work like I did last weekend!

    Happy Birthday to your Mom.

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