Sunset and Sustenance

NatlHAlex 044, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Thanks to a lady for posting her own sunset photo on Pinterest, we found Sauciety( right on the waterfront to get our own sunset photo, a good meal and a bit of a discount on the meal! It was the restaurant below the Westin Hotel. I booked an online reservation and mentioned a code word to get 20% off the bill. Anyway, we got a glass of wine (Brian and me) which shot the price up.
NatlHAlex 041
The three of us chose a three course, prefixed meal and that saved a bit too. We had huge bowls of spring mix salad with raspberry vinigrette dressing, crusty bread with olive oil and some with sun dried tomatoes for dipping. Brian had salmon and asparagus:
NatlHAlex 042
And Sean and I had lobster ravioli:
NatlHAlex 040
How do you like the dishes?
And we had a creme brulee type custard for dessert
Crème caramel with fresh fruit
and Bri had bread pudding (not shown).
The prefixed price was about $35 each.
Us at dusk on the boardwalk:
Brian and Dianne on the boardwalk
Dusk sky over the harbor
And my favorite guys:
My guys on the boards at National Harbor

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  1. The sunset is beautiful and the meal looks delish. Lobster ravioli sounds good. I have never had it.

    I love the dishes. Most food looks its best on white dishes.

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