A step back in time to Alexandria


Alexandria City hall, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Sean took the water taxi over to this quaint town with it’s historic townhouses Saturday night (I won’t say row homes) which were well kept and I think almost every door had a wreath on it! Nice ‘chain’ stores that we know in old buildings, but some specialty stores that I found appealing like a shabby chic place and a paper ‘goodness’ store. I am a bit mad that the sales lady from the fancy store sold me a mini cake dish/cloche with a chip in the rim. I decided to buy it at the last minute and she picked it out and really bubble wrapped it as I told her we were traveling. I bet she knew the chip was there. I will have to keep it turned to the back as I’ll never get back there again and they would say it happened in transport (it didn’t).
Love the store front of Decorium

Anyway, isn’t that an interesting historic city hall? Sure looks like Independence Hall in Philadelphia.
The tourist building had winding steps to the second floor and you exited out to a sweet herb garden. I wanted to take a photo, but the guys wanted to get on the road.
Alexandria tourist center
I did get to see only the outside of an apothecary store museum. I had just read a book this summer called ‘The Apothecary’s Daughter’, a Kindle freebie so I knew about these pharmacies a bit.
Curved window of Alexandria Apothecary shop
Plaque on Apothecary Museum
The more I see of Virginia, the more I like it!
Here’s the Woodrow Wilson bridge (taken from the car) with the Gaylord in the distance…
Gaylord in view from Woodrow Wilson bridge

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  1. Guys, guys, guys……….you should know by now that you must always wait for the blog photo! LOL

    It’s a shame about the chip. I wish you had had a picture to show us. I live for blog pics. 🙂

    All kidding aside, Alexandria looks like a great place to spend an afternoon.

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