We survived Hurricane Irene!


It’s been a tense few days, but when we woke up with power and less rain we were very happy! According to the weather people, Hurricane Irene made landfall around 5:30 am in Little Egg Harbor, NJ, south from here, about 2 hours or so away. Unfortunately, my mom lost power around 10 pm or so and they think they heard a transmitter blow. Mom is more suburban than us. We do have a little water in a few places in our basement, but very manageable. Because it didn’t rain as much as they thought, that saved us. Also we put plastic around outside. Brian and I are dopey from nerves and achy from doing stuff outside. Thank goodness he cleaned the rain gutters out more as that probably helped too. Whew!

Now to look forward to the Bruce Hornsby concert on Tuesday and the Beatlemania trip on Saturday. No more hurricanes for my last hurrah of the summer. ; )

Update: 11:14 am is history-she’s a tropical storm now!

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  1. Hi Dianne,
    So glad to hear it was not nearly as bad as you feared.

    You deserve a little fun now. I hope you have a great time at the concerts!

  2. I’m so glad to hear that there was no major flooding where you are and that you’re all safe and sound. I was glued to the tv on Sunday, watching Irene wreak havoc on the east coast. Mother Nature in her fury is quite fascinating to watch but the destruction she can leave behind is heartbreaking. xoxo

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