Doing the sorting game


It took Brian a ‘few’ hours to put up the desk on Sunday. The first time, he put the top flush with the window frame (where it is under) and I would have needed a bar stool to use it! He had to lower it about 4 inches and left holes in the wall (don’t faint Zoey) that I will have to fill in. It’s nice as it’s almost four feet long. I can have display things on one end and work at the other. I can’t show you it yet as he finished about 1/2 before I had to start dinner last night-stuff is still all over.
Here is a long shot! Around the desk is still messy.
Long view of desk with both drawers opened
Work space of new desk & one drawer
I was checking out ink pads here and then made a background for an ATC.
My mom got me this great square box, perfect for scrapbook paper and I need a few more. When she remembers where she got it, I will sort the papers by color and holiday. The two drawers hold a ton of stuff even though they aren’t wide. My old desk had one drawer and stuff got stuff in it all the time. One side is for ink the other is glue and glitter.
Sean had some electrical issues (I guess) with his car. The light that said ‘door ajar’ was staying on and he couldn’t set the alarm and had to unscrew the dome light inside. It’s nice to jump on the internet and see what others may have written about the same issue. Seemed there were a few others who had issues with their Tauruses! They said to use electrical spray on the doors (Bri used ‘something’) and to disconnect and reconnect the battery. At first it didn’t do anything, but when Sean got to work, he said he could set the alarm! We had terrible downpours yesterday, so perhaps that made the issue. My brother the mechanic knows about it in case Sean still has issues.
Then my mom was worried about her little mix terrier dog named Kelsey. He was not being his old playful self, wouldn’t come up on the sofa and was shaking and disoriented-but he was eating! So if I was her, if he had stopped eating, then I would have been more worried. So after a lot of tests and moola, the vet thinks Baxter, the Dalmation really put Kelsey in his place. Gee, wonder what Baxter did, sit on Kelsey?
I just took some photos of my One World-One Heart prizes.
Some of my One World-One Heart Win
Bracelet by Beth Pollock;Journal by Kim Dellow; ATC booklet by Marina
One World-One Heart Win
One World-One Heart Wins
One World-One Heart Win
By Arya Wiese
One World-One Heart Win
by Lisa Patterson from Avant Gardens & Artwert
I also got a package from Carole/Pea over at Pea’s Corner. She not only sent me a lovely Artist Trading Card,
Girlfriend ATC gifted from Carole
but also Lisa’s Altered art papers with her adorable children, neat scrapbook paper, old Christmas music with lovely illustrations and a various of die-cuts.
Paper Goodness from Carole
I am so happy to see Carole making these little pieces of art.
This week is kind of the calm before the storm. I do have a dental appt on Thursday, when we are suppose to get a lot of rain, but I’ll be glad to get the crown. Then I have a bridal shower on Saturday and maybe the Philly flower show on Sunday, but we’ll see. Tests on the 16th; more bloodwork the following week for my GP. It’s always something!
Have a pleasant week!

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  1. It’s just so funny that we both received our packages the same day:-) I’m just glad that you like what I sent you and you know that I love everything you sent me as well!! Even chocolates in an Elvis tin…I’m in heaven! hehe I had fun making the ATC for you and you’ll be pleased to know that I continue to make others, although didn’t get a chance to make any more over the weekend, was hardly even home.

    You will love having a much bigger desk and I look forward to seeing pictures. Being able to sort out all your crafting stuff will make it so much easier as well when you’re looking for a specific item.

    Hopefully Sean won’t have any more problems with his car. Dampness can certainly play havoc with the electrical parts in a car!!

    Your mom must have been relieved to learn that her dog is ok. My mom was a bit worried about her cat Tiger because he didn’t want to seem to do anything but he’s eating well so I told her to just wait and see. He’s probably just being lazy:-)

    Sunny here today but still cold so the snow is not melting at all. C’mon Spring, you can come any day now!! lol xoxo

  2. LOL. I had Jim come in and read the “don’t faint” line. He just muttered, “I don’t like holes in walls” He would surely have fainted!

    I can’t wait to see the completed desk.

  3. why do i not doubt that if you had been the one fixing it to the wall there would not be any spare holes?! ha.
    so excited for you! and can’t wait to see as well.

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