Another rainy day


I’m sitting here stewing a bit. I have to go to the dentist at 3 pm and it’s a lousy, rainy day. It’s not too cold, but we have many streams and bridges around here that flood out. It also rained all day Sunday and Sean was at work and had to drive all the way around in a huge circle past the road that lead to his old elementary school, about 7-10 minutes from here at 10:30 at night. I can’t really bite down on the temp. crown which I have had over 3 weeks now.
Sean and I went to see my mom for a few hours late yesterday and we ran down to JoAnn’s as I was looking for those scrapbook storage boxes which they had and they were on sale too! I got three of them, so now I have 4! I would have done that today if I didn’t have to go to the dentist. There’s always tomorrow! I’m still trying to decide what I want to put in all the boxes. I have tons of scrapbook paper, but I should use a box for stampers too. These are great as they stack so nicely.
I need to add some photos soon here too. Later!

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  1. Now you are getting me all confused (easy to do these days!).

    When I was here and commented on your desk post there were no pictures. Did you add those later?

    Anyway, what a great big area for you to work. You must really be enjoying it. How fun to be getting new boxes, etc. to get everything organized.

    Hope all goes well with the tooth.

  2. It’s been snowing here since yesterday and it’s supposed to turn to rain by tomorrow and then freeze so it’s going to be quite the mess around here. I couldn’t even bring mom for her weekly shopping this week, the streets are just too bad. Hopefully you won’t get any flooding in your basement!!

    Loved seeing the pictures you added in your previous post of your desk, i’t s just perfect:-) Also enjoyed seeing the OWOH prizes you won…I received 2 more yesterday…11 more to arrive yet! lol My mailman must be wondering why I’m so popular lately! hehe xoxo

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