Jury duty?


Today I got a summons to appear for jury selection in a month. I know it’s a privilege to serve on a jury, but it’s a randomly selected thing and it’s a bad time right now. I was called when Sean was young and that’s the last time I remember. Brian couldn’t get excused a year or so ago and wasn’t selected. My brother had to go to Philadelphia-on the train for a week long trial-he couldn’t get excused either. A friend said 80% of the people called aren’t selected. I decided this was the worst time to be on a jury between my van having transmission issues and Brian’s dad not being well. I wrote a letter and asked to be excused. I mentioned this on Facebook and everyone acted like I was doing the wrong thing, even when I said my transportation wasn’t reliable. My van seems to act up the most in the heat too. I think since I went to the trouble to write a nice letter, that I may get my wish. If not, I’ll have to have Brian drop me off and pick me up which would be very inconvenient for him since he needs to be ‘on call’ for his dad. I would like to someday be on a jury, really I would. If you aren’t focused on the trial, you aren’t giving the person being tried a fair shot. Just my opinion.

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  1. It will be interesting to see if they let you off.

    I’ve been summons a few times, but the trial has always been cancelled so I have never had to appear.

    I would love to be on a jury someday.

  2. You might get off this time because of FIL’s illness. I was called two years ago and it was right in the middle of state testing, which isn’t a good time for a teacher, and my boss called the court and explained the situation and I got off.
    I wouldn’t worry about what others think.

  3. Here it’s difficult to get out of jury duty, however, you can usually get a delay in service. They also have put my number in the pool for just one week in the month of my term which still fulfilled the requirement. As you may surmise, I’ve been called multiple times! ūüėÄ

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