Thursday-still snow and icicles!


Similarities Skinny Card, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I do play with my paper crafts now and then. Here is one with my maternal great grandmom Caroline and the ladies that resembled her a bit. The paper was a Christmas gift and is so pretty.
To Julia-I mailed off your package today parcel post as it’s a bit on the heavy side. I hope you get in within a week or so. We have fairly good mail service around here.
Brian really suffered from bringing the large trash bin around front tonight. Two weeks ago, before we had 40″ of snow on the ground, he had an easier opportunity to get in around front(he had several reminders-I should have done it). He had to pull it on it’s side and trudge through the snow. He had a coughing wheezy attack for a few hours off and on. He’s good now. (I think Rolaids helped too)
I made us a steak dinner tonight. That’s what we ordered at the restaurant on Valentine’s Day that was so tough. Mine was very good-and easy to cut! I made mushroom gravy, broccoli perogies and asparagus too.
Fighting a cold that Sean brought home from somewhere. I can feel it in my throat tonight. We have Zi*cam, so if I feel any worse, I will take some. I got caught in the wind when I went out to get some groceries earlier-my hair was all over the place!

My title above-I swore I saw Brian taking photos of icicles, but when I uploaded photos, I didn’t see any! I’ll have to take some photos.

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  1. Tell Sean there are some things you don’t want him to share with you! lol Hope you feel better real soon. Still having sunshine over here and 25F temps which is actually milder than what we’ve been having!! Your great grandmom really does resemble those other two pictures, wow! xoxo

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